Friday, March 07, 2008

Who's This?

Lil Leprechaun Dutch here hasn't had as much air time as the other Vick dogs yet, but this may be his Lucky Weekend.

The wee thing is full of spirit, so will be auditioning for a role as an agility dog with two dog-shoppin' trainers who've been putting impressive agility titles on their dogs. Air time - indeed!

Wish da little guy the Luck of the Pit Bull!


Jonny Justice said...

Go Flying-Dutch-Man !!!!

All us pups are cheering for you !!

Jenifer said...

LOL! "air time"

Good Luck Dutch!!!!!
You are so cute of course you'll knock their socks off~

Uba said...

Go Dutch! I tried out some agility things last weekend with Jonny, and it was FUN! Good luck meeting the new people!

No BSL said...

An agility dog!
Now wouldn`t that be great.
Good luck there buddy.
Now all we need is a disc dog to give Wallace and Roo a run for their money.
I`ve been trying to talk Zak George into a Pit.
He `s just not looking for another dog at this moment.
Less grooming with a Pit.

Anonymous said...

When Irish dogs are flying...

Love and good luck, little Dutch.

Jean and Miss Arigato Marie the PitMix in Seaside, Ca

smason39 said...

Dutch--Where have you been hiding?? You are one handsome boy, you could give Jonny a run for his money in the Cutest Bully Breed Pageant I have going on in my imagination. Tyson is also in the running. Where are the Tyson updates, videos, etc? I love him.

Have fun in agility, Dutch--Show the world who the real star athlete is from the Moonlight Ranch!

Anonymous said...

Agility dog? With that face, I wish he was MY dog! :)