Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Four Ways to V-dog Nirvana

The V-dogs tend to be a little bit - ahem - energetic. We figure they're making up for lost time. These are some of the ways that their foster parents help them stay in shape and have a good time.

1. (Stuffed) Kong Balls
Big Bulldog Thanks to Teacher Lisa Jackson's 6th grade class from Sablatura Middle School (Pearland, TX) for your AWESOME donation to the Vick dogs. You guys are the best ....The dogs love their kongs!

2. First Dates
Teddles and Dutch. "Nice to meet you." Play sessions = Da best fun eva.

3. Study Time
Jonny Justice hits the books in Pit Ed class. He's an Honor Student, of course.

4. Run Baby, Run
No, he's not running from Ingrid ... Uba here is blissing out on the treadmill. It's his brand new favorite toy. Sleep well tonite, sweet Uba!


Angela said...

Awww, look at Uba run! Reminds me of my chinchillas when they run on their wheels. So cute!

Anonymous said...

How incredibly cool all this is! And Uba looks SOOOOOOOO happy! I wish /I/ had that much fun on a treadmill! I'd be built more like Uba and less like Lulu!

And how wonderful that these kids from Texas, no less, are supporting the V-dogs. Good job, teacher, students and parents!

- Jean in Seaside

Anonymous said...

this is great, giggled outlaoud at my desk! wish i had one of these for my dog.

No BSL said...

Toys,training,play and exercise for all dogs.
Who knew?
Apparently a lot of people with dogs.
Kudos to the class for the kongs.
I must tell you that your page on DA and tolerance levels over on your main site is so good.
I linked that page.
If everyone that owns any type of dog would read and grasp that,so many incidents could be avoided.
I have seen so many different levels amongst the dogs that I have owned during my lifetime but none of the dogs were ever a problem in society.
Oddly enough(to some) the dog that would have received the 5 star rating for dog and cat social would have been the Ontario "Pit Bull".
It`s getting so tiring reading google alerts about people surprised that their dog went after
a dog or killed a cat.
And of course it`s only those "special" dogs that do this.
Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Jonny J is such a ham I just love it! Look at him posing for a picture in the middle of a training class!!

No BSL said...

I should have given the link for that page.
I link everything else. ;)
I know you guys know where to find it,but others may not.
I`m going to post this in a lot of anti BSL facebook groups.
Hearts in the right place but a lot of them don`t get this.

Living Peacefully in a Multi-dog home
Make sure to click on Dog Tolerance Levels

No BSL said...

Just had to post this.
This sad story was just posted in a group that was set up to save a puppy that is facing death in Ontario solely due to his look.

The story below has nothing to do with the above puppy but it is an Ontario dog.

[quote]Lovely, friendly goofy playful pit bull surrendered to an animal shelter because the owner was moving and pit bulls were not allowed at the new home.

She is 4 years old, loves every person she meet, and has even completed level one obedience classes. She quickly wins the hearts of everyone who works with her.

How thrilled we were, when a couple came to adopt her. They claimed to be familiar with pit bull type dogs, and promised her a loving forever home. They were made fully aware of DOLA (the pit bull ban) and its implications. They seemed to understand and promised to be responsible, because being responsible was the only way to guarantee her safety.

After they brought her home they introduced her to another dog that belonged to someone they knew. The dogs did not get along. They repeatedly separated the dogs, and put them back together, until the dogs finally and predictably got into a fight. A fight that could have been prevented with a bit of common sense. Also a fight that she will probably have to pay for with her life.[/quote]

Neither dog was seriously hurt but my guess is that this Pit Bull is not going to get a 2nd chance in Ontario and will pay with it`s life.
There can be NO mistakes in Ontario.
This breaks my heart.
I`ve asked this person to tell this story on my blog(if this dog has to be euthanized) in order to help educate others.
You don`t have to post this.
It certainly brings down the mood of the happy posting.
This dog will more than likely be euthanized.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that your blog is a bright spot in my day. That and my two bullies keep me going and make me laugh each and every day.

Donna said...

Nice to know hubbtruck - Thanks for checking in.

Anonymous said...

Had to come back and share a link. I just got my regular ASPCA bulletin, and what do you know? In the Feb Furry Valentine contest, there were several pitbulls who were winners! Here is one of them, with a story most of us will recognize. YAY, BULLIES!

Love, Jean in Seaside

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Jean in Seaside said. Lummesum ASPCA.

Thanks for the vid of Uba. Happy times!

Anonymous said...

uba = cutest ever.