Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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The notes about Spyder's send-off will have to wait for a time when I have more brain power. Better than yakking is the fun of new photos and perspective from nine rebel pit bulls. They don't seem to realize yet that they're defying the stereotypes of what pit bulls (fight bust pit bulls no less) are supposed to be like: unpredictable, unsocialized, fight-crazy, unwanted, uncontrolled, unworthy and expensive! (We're still amazed to hear that people think these guys are only alive because Vick had money. How freakin' RUDE.)

Vick Dog Blog

If you haven't already, check in with the Rebel Crew at their own Bloggity Blog ... Note: Sped Baby Frodo is still learning his way around the world, much less the keyboard. But Ted is on the ball. And we were happy to finally hear from the ever-sassy too-cute-for-her-own-damn-good Grace.

KC Dog Blog

Brent is right to puzzle over SF's new claims that they possess the magic cure for pit bull euthanasias. Is it working? We're scratching our heads over the claims too and will be back with our take on the numbers game. BSL/MSN in SF

National Canine Research Council

We can't pimp this site enough. Karen has taught us worlds on the realities of canine aggression. We look forward to seeing this website's information get to where it needs to go. NCRC


No BSL said...

3 of my favorite places to visit.
Karen`s site is great.
I love the info on the media bias and I love those State by State stats and I don`t even live in the US but they`re a great comeback when you see a post on a forum that 100`s of people have been killed in Texas.
Brent`s site also great.
Going to take a better look at those stats when my brain wakes up and I can`t get enough of my favorite dogs.I refuse to use his name.I hope he has encountered a few inmates that take exception to abusing animals.
Here`s some stats that some people might be interested in since Calgary has previously been mentioned,
Great program without BSL.
It`s too bad Ontario is looking to lay blame rather than use a solution which is right in front of us.

Anonymous said...

check NCRC link

Anonymous said...

All of the comments and updates from the Rebel Crew blog are so entertaining. I bet the individual voices of each one of the Crew personifies them beautifully.

It would be great to hear some stories and comments from the other dogs in the program: Josie Kat, Elvez, Stella Polari, Tyson, Harvey... Perhaps their adventures and search for a new family could be chronicled on "Hot Diggity Blog." (just a suggestion)