Monday, March 31, 2008


Contra Costa Times did a nice video report + pix on the Shots Fair. Thanks to John Simerman, who dug right in and got a good story. Print ARTICLE. (Please remember to swing him a thank you for the positives!)

"The free isn't the best part of it. It's the offering." - Arikha Jay of Oakland


No BSL said...

Nice Video and good article!
Who in their right mind would own a Chihuahua?
Just kidding.
I have a friend with one named Cujo.
Can you imagine the bad Press a Pit Bull would get with a name like that?
I`m sure they`re adorable but I`ll never be swayed.
I`ve just heard too many ugly stories about them.(That aren`t true)
I love updates like this.

The Foster Lady said...

Oh boy.....Do you think Nicole and Steve would drive us(Stan,Lily and Dina)all across country(as they did with the Vick dogs) so that we could live in a place that really tries to do right by pitbulls???

Anonymous said...

You have anti-chaining law over there? How so flipping awesome!

Donna said...

Hey Yoonamaniac - Yep. We love our new anti-tethering ordinance. It was well written and has saved a number of dogs from some really awful situations. It also gives us a chance to teach people about humane ways to contain their dogs so they can make changes if they want to.

Unknown said...

As Donna says..its a new law here in Cali..and in my city of Bakersfield I am trying my hardest to educate people about the Anti-Chain law.

I just feel bad when I have to turn them in..but if they refuse to listen, what choice do I have?

I am a proud owner of a pit..or sadly, former pit passed on to that big playground in the sky two summers ago.

Gawd Bless you BadRap! I have your YouTube and this video up on one of my blogs. Wish I could toss you some cash, but a fixed income makes money real tight :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's a statewide law!?!? That's really awesome. Congratulations!

2beemo said...

I thought that was a great article... I mailed him some e-love. I hope it wasn't all work & no play for him, and he got some pittie luv while he was there! ;)

Cousin Mia said...

Awesome piece, I only wish we could orchestrate some kind of similar effort here in the Lodi/Stockton area.

Donna said...

It's not that hard Mia -- but it does take a small group of people to pull it off. If you're affiliated with a shelter or breed group, let us know and we can help you learn how you can do the same thing in your area.

Boris said...

BadRap & EB-SPCA crew make Oakland look like a village,

Mia ... look-out it is easy, to get hooked.

It started with a simple question "you want to help at a shot-fair? come join us at Eastmont" and me in town from Tx. So, check out Boris' blog for more details - but in summary, they got me.

Mind you, I did feel indebted to these folks for fostering and caring for Bubba-Head. In the end, I got more out of this and owe them again for inspiring me.

This crew of volunteers moved smoother than toll takers on the bridge and slicker than a Berkley-babe talking her way out of a ticket. Got it all done, while relating to both pets and owners. Even more so, their treating the ladies yappy-snappers with the same respect as the macho-chain-pullers.

To be honest, I thought I'd make an appearance and sneak away. Like a good correction, I stayed until tents were pulled down. I owe them again for this reality check.

So, if it takes a village to responsibly raise a pit bull, this crew turned Oakland into a village.

I feel like Boris after I swing him around -- 'can wee doo it agaaain'

From the other end of Boris' leash

Donna said...

Boris, your person was a huge help. First, because he followed orders and didn't get bit. :-) And second, because he reminded us that we weren't absolutely insane for attempting to bring TLC to the good people who own pets in Oakland's decidedly under-served communities.

Here's Boris' blog btw:

I read this response to John's article and stayed cranky for a good solid 20 minutes until one of our dogs noticed and reminded me that optimists have more fun. Still ... Yuk. Your thoughts?

Here it is.......


This doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. If you can't afford basic medical care, how do you end up owning a demanding breed like a pit bull? Are pit bull owners really this bad? If you can't afford spaying or neutering or basic shots, do you even have a fenced back yard for the dog to excercise in? How do people living in poverty afford proper food for these dogs?
The article describes dogs with scars, with big chains around their necks. I think the stereotype of the irresponsible pit bull owners is not really a stereotype. This article just reinforces the fact that the majority of these people lack the resources to properly own and manage these dogs; they have to be bribed with free gifts to provide basic health care for their animals. That's terrible sad for the dogs, who apparently get dumped at the shelter when things don't work out.


smason39 said...

Oh Donna!

I can see how this would make you very grumpy after all of the work you do! Not every dog and their human is "perfect" or what society thinks is perfect. The person who wrote this totally didn't get it. There are many beautiful, happy dogs living with people who love them but do not have the resources to build a fence or afford 40lbs bags of California Natural (or whatever this person considers "proper food"). This doesn't mean that BadRap shouldn't reach out to educate and assist ALL people and their dogs. That's the reason you're here--to help dog owners--all dog owners--and you do a wonderful job.

The person who wrote this has a bad outlook on humanity and does not understand the concept of being proactive to help people improve the lives of their dogs. After watching the video and reading the article I'm VERY "warm and fuzzy" knowing that there are many Bay Area dogs in better situations than they were in before your event!

On another note, I'm watching a dog show on the Animal Planet right now and I have to give a shout out to the announcer who just introduced the AM Staff and explained that these dogs DO NOT deserve their "questionable reputation". Specifically, he said, "There's no such thing as a bad dog but some dogs that are treated bad by people." I've heard that before . . .


smason39 said...

And another thing about the dog show--one of the fluffy little pampered terriers was almost poisened to death by licking anti-freeze from the driveway last week! Thank God he is OK and able to compete this week but this reminds us that socioeconomic status does not ensure a carefree life for a dog. I'm sure the owner of the show dog can afford to neuter, feed, and fence their dog but are they definitely a "better" dog owner than the less fortunate pit bull owner that the commenter refers to? I have a feeling that they both love their dogs very much and give them the best life that they can. Anyone agree?