Monday, March 10, 2008

Making it Work

BR Rep Linda Chwistek is one of the happiest things to happen to pit bulls in the SF by area. She's the best kind of dog nut: grounded, dedicated, focused, and always willing to share what she knows. She trudges out to all kinds of weather to help pit bull owners with all levels of obedience, and she's stirred lots of proof in her pudding by putting multiple agility titles on Super Fly, Ruby.

With ten thousand things going on, she still manages to pull and place a handful of great breed ambassadors thru out program each year. This recent case is extra happy.

In her words:

One Year, Six Months, 8 Days

Believe, me. I've been counting, and worrying (just a little).

She's an exceptional dog. And she's also a high drive, working style pit bull. Like so many terriers, she's full of bravado and she'’s not likely to back down from a challenge if another dog pushes her. But with training and management from her smart and patient foster home, she's the perfect dog and she exudes what I love most about this breed. Pit bulls like her are often the sweetest and most people-focused dogs you will ever be lucky enough to meet; willing to do just about anything for their person. But it can also take a long time to get to their happy ending. The working dog community typically avoids the rescue dogs (preferring a pedigree on their dogs) and pet homes usually want dogs with a little less moxie, so gems like this get left out in the cold. Even so, we pull the best of the best of these pit bulls from the shelters when we have a ready foster home because we know and appreciate the amazing animals that are packaged up with that endless drive.

But, back to counting days. I'm no longer worried, not even a little. Want to know why? Check out our Happy Endings page in just a couple of days! - Linda Chwistek

We Gots it!:
RR Show Link with Jonny

...... And at last, we have the LINK to the Rachael Ray Show with her segment about the Vick dogs, and, Jonny Justice's 15 minutes of fame. WOOF!

(Thanks Tom Becker)


Angela said...

Thanks for posting the clip. It made me get all choked up (as usual.) You guys are the best.

Donna said...

Thank you Angela! We're so incredibly happy that the dogs are getting out there like this.

No BSL said...

A star is born(rescued?)
I always say exactly what you said on that program.
"We have a lot to learn from Pit Bulls"
There would be no more wars if we could forgive like they do.
What a great segment.
Thanks to all for this.
Kudos to R.R. for that donation.
I hope it helps more dogs like Jonny end up in good homes.
I hope he shares those treats.
Has Jon Stewart called yet?

Donna said...

Thanks, MG. We have another television debut surprise for you, but you're going to have to wait... No surprise spoiling allowed! We hope that your politicians stayed home the day this RR show aired. If not, let's hope the buzz trickles up their way.

No BSL said...

Our politicians don`t spend much time at work so hopefully they caught it.

Can I borrow a picture of Jonny to put up on my blog with a link back to his debut and your site?
The one I`ve borrowed is the couch one.I could remove it or say used with permission.
Thank you after the fact or sorry.
(Which ever fits your response)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that - I've been dying to see it. Terrific!

SuzannaBanana said...

No WAY! Sammie's finally reached the coveted 'Adoption Pending' status? Nice!

Donna said...

Go for it, MG. And give us all the link to your blog so we can spy on Canada!

No BSL said...

It`s nothing fancy,I just try to keep tabs on the good news and keep Ontario politicians on their toes.
They visit enough,I`m either doing that or annoying them.
Let`s hope they`ve discovered BadRap videos.
My motto is
"If you can`t educate `em,mock `em"
Some have reached the mock stage.

smason39 said...

I can't wait for another BR T.V. appearance!

I'm so happy for Sammie--she's a cutie. She sounds exactly like my Finley--People focused, high (obsessive) play drive, very dog selective (but sweet with my cats) smarty pants who takes advantage of my soft side if I'm not careful, and buried under blankets couch potato (once she's had 3 ball sessions and AM/PM zoomies).

These types of dogs are misunderstood--every bit of Finley's high maintenance is worth it because of the joy she brings to our lives and what we learn from her. I am a better dog owner for every day that I spend with her.

People with labs, goldens etc. have asked why I'd want a dog that is so much work (until they meet her!). I ask why anyone would want a lab or golden??? Boring! No offense meant--my Dad has a rescued golden AND a pit mix--I just love the challenges and joys of my crazy girl! Thanks to all you Bad Rap people who get it!

Unknown said...

I'm so proud of all of you 'RAPpers and all the good work you do. And I love the green pants Donna!

Donna said...

Thanks for your link Mac'sGang. I have some catching up to do!

Emily - thanks for your comments on working dogs. We agree whole heartedly that this working breed deserves more opps to be in the spotlight. (And how we wish we could find more couch potatoes. Where are they hiding?)

Lisa - If you think my green pants are hot, look at the 'sale' sticker on the bottom of my boot. Now THAT's hot. *blush* LOLOL! Oh the little things we miss.

Jenifer said...

That is awsome!!!
It made me so happy~
I am in the middle of a family crisis of sorts (human related) and this absolutely made my day!

Whooo hoooo Johnny :)

And Whooooo Hooooo agility dogs :)
I LOVE it!

Thank You Donna for these blogs, they really are wonderful~

Kirsten said...

re: sale sticker, well, you ARE working for a non-profit. ;)

That was great! I laughed, I cried. :)

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the link to the Rachel Ray Show clips. I don't have TV, so I've been waiting for this ever since it aired.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read Sammy's Happy Ending (and the rest that are listed under stay tuned!). I like to check that page at the end of the day just for a bit of uplifting before I head to bed.

Anonymous said...

That photo of the dog flying through the air is hysterical. What on earth was she doing?

Anonymous said...

God bless Rachael Ray and everyone at Bad Rap! Thanks so much for posting this link!