Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Buzz in Photo Form

This summer has been abuzz with some the fastest turn around on available dogs we've known, busy events filled with out of town visitors, public outreach and spay/neuter work and loud and happy Open Houses. Whew! I stopped the spins long enough to post this blog for those who don't get to follow our work on the vacuum that is facebook.

Thank goodness for talented photographers who can capture in images what we've been too busy to put into words. Our tech support Tom Becker has been especially generous with his camera and offers most of the photos snapped at our outreach events.

1. First, a jammed packed two day networking/educating extravaganza event at the Rescue Barn just for dog rescuers. Rescue Jam PHOTOS.

2. Then, some adventures with our new spay/neuter van - affectionately dubbed "the Nut Truck" - as it hit the streets of Hayward. Spay/Neuter Hayward PHOTOS

3. Then another Open House that resulted in several adoptions and even more smiles. Open House PHOTOS

4. Finally, back to the East Bay Rats Clubhouse for more outreach, owner support and spay/neuter work. Our volunteers rock these events like nobody's business. And veterinarian Dr. Noe and Beth Garland RVT do the work that will reduce unwanted litters in some of our most challenged neighborhoods. PHOTOS

Why am I pulling up this photo for you? (below) It's not a remarkable photo, but it's a remarkable moment. Tim Racer befriended this dog owner, a local backyard breeder with a few too many dogs. After some discussion, Tim helped him select one dog to fix - one of his females. No coercion or trickery, just an honest offer that he accepted. One of several dogs taken out of the breeding game is not a home run, but it's a start that we plan to build on as we return with more help and resources. Miles to go before we sleep, but what a good sleep it'll be.

The best part of this work ... It's as fun as it is busy. After all, if it's not fun, it's not buzz-worthy.