Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a 12-step plan for Good Samaritans

People who pluck strays from the streets are unsung heroes in any community's efforts to prevent early deaths in crowded animal shelters. You may not know they're out there because they're working independently, without much of an internet presence and with little to no access to resources. But they make up some of the most motivated partners in the ongoing work to help homeless dogs move from danger back to safety.

We know how frustrating it can be to be a solo rescuer with no support and a dog that no one can absorb, including the original owner(s), so we built this little slideshow video with our favorite tips and techniques for attracting adopters to unowned dogs. (Needless to say, an unowned dog is one that was never able to be reunited with his original owner after all reasonable efforts have been made: INFO)

Please share this slideshow widely, so the strong hearted but bewildered Good Sams in your community can find a little encouragement and maybe even a suggestion that lands their foundling a new home. Thank you.

Video LINK