Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 year end report as 2014 rises to her feet.

Our team was away for the holidays, tending to a large group of dog fighting victim dogs (news link) who are being held in a temporary shelter run by the Humane Society of the United States. It was a tough time to be away from home, but incredibly gratifying to see so much energy being poured into bringing comfort to rescued cruelty victims who now have the option of finding a second chance with rescue orgs. We anxiously await news of their release dates, which will happen one subset of dogs at a time as the (13) defendants have their day in court. More on that as news unfolds.

We returned to an incredible outpouring of holiday generosity from our donors: Year end donations, holiday cards with warm, encouraging messages and boxes of treats, toys and supplies for the dogs of 2014 were waiting to be unwrapped. What a homecoming!

We're truly grateful for the support we receive from everyone who extends a part of themselves to this important work. Archived here, our YEAR END REPORT which outlines our key activities in 2013 and our road map for the new year. Thank you all for joining us on this ongoing journey with the dogs.

My favorite Christmas gift: Days before we left town, we said our good-byes to every single adoption ready dog in our program as they all lucked into families in time for the holidays. Below, a favorite barn dog named Darla Dickens pops up to ask for a smile. Darla went home with Beetle - the little black dog in the photo - and represents the second pair of dogs from our program who found homes together (Corky & Tuffy lead the way).

The dogs' departures made room for more intakes, including survivors from the fight bust who will soon be released. And the beat goes on.

Hello 2014. It's so nice to meet you! Wishing you and yours a brilliant year.