Monday, April 28, 2014

Keep'Em Home. A longtime mission with a new name.

We've recently christened our dog owner support mission the Keep'em Home Project in recognition of the efforts of families who struggle to keep their dogs in the face of personal crisis including financial and housing challenges. We've been assisting pit bull owners especially with resources for many years, but naming the project allows us to sharpen our focus and deepen our commitment to this important work. We hope you like it! 

Keep'em Home is a rallying cry to everyone who shares our belief that providing dog owners with relevant information and necessary resources is the cornerstone to building safe, humane, compassion-based communities. Thank you for joining us with your support and participation. 

The Families Behind the Project

Visit our webpage to read the personal stories behind these efforts. In many cases, just a little bit of support can make all the difference in helping a home maintain their bond with a beloved pet. LINK