Tuesday, May 15, 2012

another spay/neuter event, another reminder ...

In years past, the question was always "How do we help dog owners understand that spay/neuter is a good option for their pet?"

Those days are long gone. Now the new challenge is, "How do we meet the need!"

We just completed another Owner Support event, back in Pittsburg, CA where times are tough for under-resourced dog owners and the need is great. Every time we roll in to set up our event, dog owners are already waiting for us. In the case of this guy on the right, he camped out on the sidewalk at 5:30am with his two dogs - worried that he might miss out if he got there when registration officially started at 9am. He told us he knew how long the line could be for free surgeries and training help. It's a new day, I tellya.

And we're reminded yet again ... Accomplishing the goal of spaying/neutering dogs in our most challenged neighborhoods is as easy as pulling together the right kind of help in the right location then rolling out the welcome mat. No need for mandatory spay/neuter or other restrictive laws that alienate people from the helpers.

At this most recent event, 32 dogs showed up ready for surgery with one week's notice when their owners spotted a 'Celebrate Your Pit Bull' flyer in select Pittsburg and Antioch 'hoods. (We hit up the local mom & pop shops, laundromats, etc. and avoid using radio spots, etc, since we know that kind of exposure could attract out more dog owners than we're able to serve). Without appointments, their dogs were already fasted and waiting for surgeries: 17 males, 15 females completed and 11 more scheduled to be fixed when their balls drop, etc.

We're grateful to Well Pet Vet Clinic for doing the surgeries and to PetSmart Charities for sponsoring this event. This summer, we plan to publish information on how to get this kind of response from your community, so stay tuned. Til then, turn up the volume and enjoy...