Thursday, March 06, 2008

Feeling lucky

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, it's a good time to reflect on luck.

We really can't believe the breed's good luck these days - all the positive press seems almost surreal! Is the tide finally turning for our bully pals? We have a good feeling about it.

Since I was feeling lucky and festive, and since both those things go along quite nicely with St. Pat's, I got motivated and asked crack designer Amy McMillan to come up with some fun pit bull t-shirt designs for the Bad Rap shop.

The first one one isn't a sentiment that would have rung true on last St. Pat's, but these days it works.

Don't worry - we also made some shirts for the dogs (of course!) that can be worn all year round, particularly if you have a nice lil' rednose red.

(The complete line of St. Patrick's Pit Bull t-shirts is here - we haven't quite updated the shop navigation, so they're hard to find without a direct link.)

So on St. Pat's, do be sure to raise a glass in thanks and a toast to continued luck from the Bully Gods.

Because, as we all know, pit bulls do love to party! And a raucous day like St. Pat's is most definitely a pit bull's kinda party day.

Oh - boring details:

If you want a deal on these shirts, you can save $5 off $50 with the coupon code STPATPITBULL.


Anonymous said...

Leslie and Ms. Amy,

I appreciate your effort at bringing out some Irish cheer. Like my forever home lady's namesake, St. Patty, who chased out the snakes ... us good natured St. Pitties are chasing out the myths about us.

The message my folks wear on their sleeves everyday is:

"We're LUCKY to have our Pit Bull"!

(even moreso where there is fear of potential BSL).

O.K. Frodo, no jokes that my slobbery kisses "can turn you green"

I'll check back,

Jenifer said...

I LOVE that you make those Pit Bull Shirts!

My neighbor has a Pit who has skin cancer (every month he has to get them taken care of). She was complaining all the dog shirts are so girly and say things like "Princess", which wont work for Chuck at all...

So I bought one of yours for Chuck and it arrived last week....

OMG! They are soooo nicely made!
My neighbor was so excited (and so was Chuck) when she got the shirt!

No BSL said...

Lucky and Pit Bull in the same sentence.
Now that has a nice ring to it.

Your Coupon code link may need to be tweaked.