Monday, March 31, 2008

More Honey

Oakland pet owners poured into the parking lot of the Eastmont Mall yesterday with every kind of dog you can imagine for our first Free Shots Fair of 2008. It was packed. The chihuahuas have been multiplying in a scary way and were out in full force. Thank goodness, we had enough tiny collars for them (and no one was bit by the tiny staple-guns this time. A first!). Lots of American Bulldogs, too. But of course, we were all eyes for the pit bulls.

This big girl was so suave and handled the chaos like an old pro. Her handler followed suit. Oh - and she was already spayed.

One of the main goals of the quarterly Shots Fairs has been to get word out about the East Bay SPCA's free spay/neuter program for pit bulls (Pit Fix) and the low-cost surgeries for Non-Pits. When we started doing these fairs 3+ years ago, you rarely saw a fixed dog in the crowd. Now, they're a regular thing.

Already neutered and soon to be joining the Pit Ed classes. Very nice dog. This sweet family adores him beyond belief. We know the feeling.

What a cute kid. His dog was as bubbly as he was.

Revolution Anyone?

Voluntary Spay/Neuter Efforts are alive and well in the SF bay area ... Well, in the east bay, anyway.

Special thanks to Pet Food Express for the wonderful leash and collar donations for this season's fair.


Pip said...

Nice to see the fair was a success. It was also great to look at the "available dogs" pages after being away for the weekend and to see all those new pending adoptions.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video! You guys are doing great work over there. Simply awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing and wonderful event, and I think your observation regarding the number of spayed or neutered dogs in the crowd clearly reflects that your work, and that of East Bay SPCA, is bearing fruit - not puppies! Congratulations, and thanks for all you do. - Jean in Seaside

No BSL said...

You know you`re from Canada...
when the first thing you notice in a photo with pit bulls is the bare pavement!
I miss the ground.

Good looking dogs.
I love the fact that it`s voluntary spay/neuter and there are lots of neutered pets.
Those look like much loved doggies.

Just goes to show you that we don`t need or want Mandatory.
The word makes me shudder and it would make me resist even though I have ALWAYS fixed my pets.
I gotta tell you,it`s very tempting to move next to BadRap territory.

Kirsten said...

**warm and fuzzy feelings**
That really is a community outreach triumph.... Looks like fun! I can see it catching on in an even bigger way. :)

The Foster Lady said...

Hey Mac, I know what you mean (moving to Oakland) me, I have thought about it many times and I live in PA! Of course, I couldn't drive through Ohio with Stan, Lily and Leni!

smason39 said...

This is just so great. It makes my day!

Thanks Bad Rap!

smason39 said...

Doc Sinister, thanks for pointing out the pending adoptions! I just went there and I am so psyched, yet heartbroken that Stella will not be coming to live with me in Vermont like I've been fantasizing about for weeks. Congrats also to Stella, Bug, Boo Boo, Elvez!

Pip said...

My girl Texas is still available - if only I owned a house so I could bring her home to Austin - where Miss Texas obviously belongs!

Anonymous said...

Tiny Staple Guns? I love it! That might be my new favorite term. What a great project this is, especially the free spay/neuter for pits and pit mixes. Many many kudos!

2beemo said...

"...(and no one was bit by the tiny staple-guns this time. A first!)"

Tiny staple-guns... omg, I needed a laugh this morning!

Anonymous said...

I always love pictures from the shot fairs, A) because they're pix of pit bulls, duh, and B) because they remind us all that responsible owners come in all sizes, colors and economic backgrounds.

As always, great job BR!!

Anonymous said...

BADRAP continues to amaze me with all of the good you do for pet bulls and their owners. Your work brings out the best in both and I appreciate your efforts. You help to change hearts and minds; tolerance and education together will make a difference for the dogs we love so much!