Monday, March 03, 2008

Highs & Lows

As you can imagine, BR's website hits spiked like a SF-style shaker after Friday's show. Thank you, Rachael Ray. Behind those spikes are real people tho' who've prolly never been to a pit bull website before. How exciting and how intriguing. Who are these folks?....And what do they think of all this?

I couldn't find stats for # of daytime telly viewers that tune in each day, but according to her magazine's Media Kit, nearly half of RR's audience are men...Huh! The median age is 44.7 (Damn. I picked a good time to be middle-aged.) Over a quarter are college graduates and working professionals. I'm hoping a good chunk enjoyed what they saw. At least, they were smiling warmly at us when I was wrestling Jonny into a 'relaxed' pose (ha!) on the sofa with a crew of jack-rabbit-fast producers buzzing around.


We're really grateful to the folks who took the time write with their feedback. This is one of my favorite letters. From a guy named Al:

To whom it may concern,,
I just watched on a tv program, how pitbulls are being saved and retrained by your org, and I am inpressed to say the least.
I am 53 years of age and have known people who have raised these dogs for just what they were bred for..and I have never agreed with this behavior..I always believed that the owners who treat animals this way are the ones who are commiting the crime, not the dog. I would also like to say that I never thought that pitbulls could be trained to do anything more than fight. I was wrong..Thank you for what you are doing for these animals, they do need your help..I have never agreed with punishing the animal fot the owner's behavior. They have suffered enough. Keep up the good work. - Al


Head's Up. We can't celebrate for long without remembering the pit bull owners who're looking in from the BSL hell of the Ontario ban. Like Mac's Gang, who comes to this blog almost every day for a tiny dose of sanity. BAD things are happening in Mac's world, and it's not getting better.

Let's let Luisa (Lassie Get Help) do the telling in her blog post Toronto's Gulag for Dogs

Hang in there Mac's World. And Caveat. And pittymomma. Your dogs are our dogs, and their time will come.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks, Donna.

I'm out your way in SLO visiting my Dad until tomorrow night, enjoying a preview of spring. It's cool to see people walking dogs around as if they are - well, dogs.

We will get the law overturned in Ontario. The people of this province, and especially the govt reps who voted in favour of tormenting and killing dogs have a lot to explain.

We have filed our Appeal to have the rest of the law struck down.

Congrats on being on the Rachael Ray show with that cute little Jonny!

You guys are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...


You did good girl! I watched, I taped and will be making a CD of it to handout to interested folks at I'll be sending you a picture later today that shows a change to the adoption area there, now featuring a display of BR materials for our adopters to take home.


No BSL said...

Love that letter from Al!
Thanks for taking the time to write that Al.
It means a lot to hear that.

Oh BadRap,
You just brought tears to my eyes when I read the reference to our dogs.
We know BadRap,Lassie Get Help, KCDogBlog and so many others care and are watching Ontario.
The World is watching Ontario.
I read about Ontario on forums and blogs around the world.
Please keep pressure on our Gov`t.
Munchie(slaughtered) and Rambo are just 2 well know faces now.

I do get joy from watching your videos and I do feel guilty for laughing(when so many others are in awful situations) but it does keep me sane in Ontario.
There is another little guy that I watch when I need to laugh and that`s Clarence over at MABBR.
The Gang has a major crush on that little football player.
Those videos do reach out and touch.

Jenifer said...

WOW! that letter from Al was so beutifuly written. Bad rap - It must bring tears to your eyes everyday to get letters like that... I am so impressed to see that a difference is being made. And you are ones doing it.

Is all of Canada like that? Is it only in Ontario? I just dont understand the logic behind BSL. It simply is not a problem solver.

I was at my moms and missed Rachel Ray! I was complaining about it all day. On surprising note (to me) I heard my mom (who I didnt think listened to my lectures about the beauty of pit bulls) telling someone on the phone about how people are wrong about fighting dogs!

Anyway, I am just so happy for you all and how your hard work and belief in these dogs are really resulting in change.

No BSL said...

Ontario is the first Province wide ban in Canada but there is BSL or talk about it in many jurisdictions across Canada.
There are constant alerts about it popping up here and there.
A borough(near Montreal) in Quebec
has just introduced it.
There is no doubt that other Provinces are watching Ontario`s legal challenge.

Kudos to Bill Bruce in Calgary Alberta.He`s got a working program with no BSL.

Isn`t this supposed to be about finding solutions, not punishing responsible owners and slaughtering innocent dogs?
One of the best solutions is in Calgary Alberta.
Why won`t Ontario look at it?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work you guys are doing! Will there be a copy of the Rachel Ray segment available anywhere soon? (I am cable TV deprived). Would love to send it out to some hardheads here in Bantario who still don't get it.

K in Bradford

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Where was the location of the earthquake that made that chart New York or Oakland? (my "other side of the leash" says it looks like a real earthquake seismogram) So, send that chart up to the smart guys on the Berkley Hill (LBL) to analyze.

I think it was just all us BadRap rescues waging our tails proudly in unison that got this world a rocking.

So, pass along to our bully-friends to get in their crates (or owners under their desks) in anticipation of the aftershock hitting those BSL's!


Donna said...

Boris - We predict more earthquakes in the media soon, so bungee cord those crates to something solid!

K in Bradford, we hope to post a link to the show shortly. Check back soon!

Jenifer said...

Macs Gang~
What is Calgarys solution???
Maybe one day more people will follow their lead???

I live in SD and it is very dog friendly here! But this means at best our shelter "live release" rate is around 72% (compared to less than 40% nationwide)...
I have seen an estimate that 70% of the shelter dogs are pitbulls / PB mixes....

I think regardless all those numbers are too high of a loss rate. And its the fault of owners not the dogs.....

If calgary has a great solution maybe all areas should take a look!

I hope it gets better for you! BSL is just not a solution (as the dogs themselves are not the problem).

I just didnt realize that an entire provence would do that! There has to be hope it will change much sooner than later.

No BSL said...

Here are some great blog entries on CAVEAT re Calgary`s program.

Here is the link to Calgary`s Animal Services.

The Ontario Liberal Gov`t refused to let Bill Bruce testify at the committee hearings into Bill 132.
That alone should set off alarm bells in Ontario.
Concerned about Public Safety but they had no interest in hearing about this proven working program??

Here`s another link to Bill Bruce on KCDogBlog

Kirsten said...

Looking forward to that link... No Rachel Show for us in Australia, unless it's on cable... I'm pretty low-tech ;)

Those laws in Ontario are barbaric. My heart really goes out to everyone trying to cope with that situation. I sign every petition I can find, so keep 'em coming.

Angela said...

I'm excited to see the video footage! Rachael Ray is so wonderful for how she helps dogs in need. Also I heard that she gave you guys quite a donation!

(Her dog is so adorable too!)

The Ontario thing is just horrific. I would never visit Toronto even though I have friends there who say it's nice - I don't want them getting any tourist money while they're funding BSL.

They won't even allow photos of the dogs because it will "upset" people - don't they think maybe that's a sign that WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG?

Jenifer said...

I am going to look at all those links!
Thanks :)

bullish about BSL said...


We in Ontario would truly appreciate if you would contact our Minister of Tourism, with your comments here.

Untill, they GET IT! that tourism is down, that dollars to our coffers are being lost. Here in Ontario, our tax dollars are paying for the slaughter of our family dogs, and our own personal money is going towards court costs to save and protect them.
Help us Stop the insanity
Help us Stop the slaughter.
Contact the Ministry of Tourism here in Canada

No BSL said...

Bullish might have forgotten? to post the links or they didn`t appear? but I have posted all the relevant contacts over on Lassie Get help.
See the "Toronto`s Gulag for Dogs" link in the Canada-O-Canada Box above.
We really do need people to stay away from Ontario, Canada and tell our Gov`t why.
Provincial Bill 132!
The world can bring Ontario to it`s knees.Money(or lack of) talks.

smason39 said...

Mac--I will get right on it! I live in Vermont and we vacation in Canada several times a year--Quebec, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, etc. We love Canada but haven't been to Ontario in a while and don't plan to go. I will let "them" know why!! Keep me posted on what is going on in Montreal, too, as it is one of my favorite places but I've heard they have BSL going on . . .

smason39 said...

Hi Everybody--I came across this on Facebook and I've signed the petition and sent a letter of support to this family. Their dog is a previously abused Staffy who was safe under the grandfather clause of the pit bull ban but after her license expired is no longer protected and is being told to get out of town or else)-:

Sign their petition--they need all the help they can get!!


smason39 said...

I think I forgot the link--oops!!

No BSL said...

Thanks for that link smason39
I`ve signed and told them to contact me.
I`ll put Heira`s story on my blog.
Other Ontario blogs will do the same.
We will put this family in touch with a good lawyer.
Thanks for loving Canada.For the most part it`s a good place excluding Ontario.
Yes Quebec may be a problem.
People are watching that situation.
I think they are testing the waters.
We know the Ontario Legal Challenge is being watched by all.
The appeal will be heard later this year.
If we can shut down BSL in Ontario,I don`t think other Provinces will even try.
I think citizens from other Countries can make Ontario beg for mercy.

We are VERY angry in Ontario!

No BSL said...

Do you know how to contact Heira`s family?
Was there a Facebook group?
Dog Legislation Council of Canada wants to contact them ASAP.
I`ve put Heira`s story on my blog.
If you know how to contact them,can you put the info in the comments on this blog entry.
Comments are moderated.
Contact info won`t show online.
(Sorry BadRap for hogging the blog)

Angela said...

Guys, thanks for the suggestion. I will contact Ontario's Minister of Tourism, as suggested.

No BSL said...

Ontario Gov`t recognized for it`s commitment to ANIMAL WELFARE??
If anyone is donating to the WSPA,please reconsider.
Thanks from Ontario
You can read about the award here.

I was having a fairly good day until I saw this.

No BSL said...

For all those following the Ontario situation,this might make you chuckle,roll your eyes or be ill.
I knew this existed but I thought it had been removed after the "Pit Bull" Ban went into effect.
I located it again this morning.
Our present Premier`s father was an Ontario MPP.
On Dec 22 1987 he petitioned the Legislature to adjourn early for Christmas.
The whole family signed the petition,including the family dog.

[quote]There is also a paw print on this paper of one Tory McGuinty, who is the McGuinty family pit bull terrier.[/quote]

All of the McGuinty children survived and thrived and one of them,Dalton James Patrick McGuinty III who was 21 at the time went on to become the Premier of Ontario and you know the rest of the story...
Sometimes trying to be cute can come back to bite ya or one of your kids.