Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trying to Talk Without Talking

Speaking with the press is nerve-wracking, especially when the feds are watching to make sure we don't overstep our bounds by saying too much. Saying too much means endangering the case that's still open, and endangering the case means they may be less likely to work with rescue people in the future. And that would be bad.

Reporters on the other hand can be pushy and downright demanding about getting their story. Last night, a television news crew all but insisted on coming to our house for an interview, never mind that it was getting late and dinner was on the table. I sent them away, even though they were clearly unhappy about missing out. Sorry guys.

But we happily gave stories to these writers because they were patient, kind and they were truly interested in...you know ...the dogs, not the drama. The Contra Costa Times writer was the first to recognize how landmark the case has been for abused dogs, abused pit bulls especially.

Contra Costa Times Article
Dogtime.com on Vick's Sentence

And FINALLY, a published mention of a formerly abused dog that we really can talk about. I can't tell you how many times we've offered Sophie's story to the media in place of the Vick dogs, and up until now every reporter has just yawned. Hmph!

Dogtime is a promising new website with a very gifted writer. We wish them the best success.

Dogtime.com on Sophie

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sophie finally gets a hint of the spotlight that is hers! God/doG speed to her and her new family - she is soooo lovely - true love in it's purest form!