Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Into the Ether

Well. Tim flunked out of journalism school today by losing his first person account of the Vick sentencing scene to cyberspace. Surreal days like this will do that to you. After screaming at the computer, he gave up and collapsed into bed. So here's a thousand-words-peek into their day with vague details supplied by spotty cell phone conversations. The full scoop is following - once he and Nicole both get some sleep.

Outside the courthouse. All that's missing is the balloons.

Getting ready to read a statement from BR. It looks like he's feeling that old familiar stomach knot that comes along with talking to the media.

Above - Name Drop Opp: That's Randy Lockwood in the background.

Left - Tim learned that Peta volunteers have absolutely no idea that their organization wants to ban pit bulls. Like, NO idea. This looks like an intervention.

Tim and Nicole then escaped the circus to visit a very special dog (Darn. Can't show those pix).

Below - Then, a quick trip to stare at the soon-to-be-auctioned Vick property just as it was getting dark. There's a ghost story that goes along with this photo. I'll let them tell.

How weird is this? A baptist church is literally a stone's throw across the street from the Vick residence.

We all felt pretty blase about Judge Hudson's sentence today. A bigger disappointment was that Vick never once mentioned the dogs in his statement.

He expressed regrets for disappointing his family and fans, but not a flash of regret for the creatures that brought him into this courtroom in the first place.

Did you notice that too?
Did Jesus?

Check back tomorrow night to see if Tim is inspired to re-blog about his many adventures in Richmond VA today. I hope he is.


Anonymous said...

you know, Vick has NEVER mentioned the dogs, except perhaps in passing.

He so does not understand his crime.

Anonymous said...

VICK WHO?? Just saying his name is a waste of my breath. I'd rather say a pray for his victims and for all the people who have stood up and taken them in. You guys are true heros!!....Tim..so how did the intervention go?Please tell us more You ROCK!!! Thank you BADRAP for all that you guys do...

Anne K. in L.A. said...

Despite all that the press put you through, I really do applaud you for all your work and for persevering. You really do go work. Thank you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing. Money, fame, fans, and it was a brutal heart that brought Vick down. Apologies don't count. It's the soul that is missing here. Why would anyone want to watch dogs tear each other up - especially when the dogs would rather curl up together and enjoy each others company.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys happen to know/remember the name and/or address of that church? I have relatives in the area and I'd like to find out more about the breathren there......can they possibly not have EVER heard or seen anything? Not that it matters at this point...I'd just like to ask some questions to satify my curiostiy.

Thanks to you, Tim and Donna