Sunday, December 09, 2007

For the Victims

What does tomorrow hold?

Monday morning, 10am Eastern time, Judge Henry Hudson will hand down his sentence to Vick. Tim will be at the courthouse along with BR diehard Nicole Rattay. They hope to read a statement to the press on behalf of he victims and report back with a blog Monday night, so please check in.

In the meantime, please hold warm thoughts for justice for the victims. Even though cruelty/neglect charges were not filed in this case, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a stiff sentence from admitted dog lover Hudson and good messaging from the media (Dare we hope?).

As always, celebrity abuser or anonymous thug, it's about the dogs.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but 23 months just doesn't do it for me. And in the just-out media reports, not one damn word about the dogs!

I hope to God that Ingrid Newkirk was not there, passing the hat outside the courtroom, or the HSUS either!


Anonymous said...

At least 23 months is higher than the recommended amount but still disappointing. I hope things work out better for the dogs.

Jackelyn said...

Bless those sweet, sweet dogs. And Bless those, who everyday, fight for justice for these innocent victims. Its time for their voice to be heard.

Thanks BadRap.

Anonymous said...

I met Tim and Nicole at the court house today - I was elated!! In my eyes I was meeting "rock stars", I mean "Tim Racer" is a big name in my world of bully rescues. I was definitely "star struck". This may all sound like a bit much coming from your local Virginian; however, until Tim and Nicole approached my American Bulldog, Schnauzer and myself I was feeling a little out of place. Wasn't fitting in with the PETA crew, nor was I fitting in with the hymn singing/gospel preaching Vick supporters, nor was I fitting in with the Vick supporters/family members that left the court house and were shouting you M*%&#$ F&^#*&% Crackers, F&^$ Off blah, blah, blah...then one of the entourage (looked like Marcus Vick when he entered the vehicle, not sure) chucked a pot of Carmex out of his heavily tinted windows at my dogs and me. Brilliant, aren't we all praising Jesus now. Seriously, I do praise Jesus and it's emabarassing to have idiots act in such hate and immaturity. Oh, by the way if that little 1 oz pot of Carmex would have nailed one of my dogs - stand by, this cracker would have totally gone basurk! Needless to say meeting Tim and Nicole made my day, week, month, year - I wish I lived in CA to be a part of the amazing things BR does - thank you from the bottom of my bully lovin' heart! God Bless BR and the great things you do for our bullies!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear Tim and Nicole's report. Thanks so much for being there to speak for those who can't speak for themselves. My Nellie thanks you for your ongoing dedication to his fallen sisters and brothers.

Love you guys and what you stand for every day!

Marie Anderson and Nelson