Monday, December 17, 2007

Blues Club

BooBoo Divine and Deja Blu get acquainted......


No BSL said...

The state of your ears don`t matter to a friend.
That`s so nice to see.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim and Donna!

Jackelyn said...

Thank you for posting this! Made my yucky day much better. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

This made my morning!!!
Amazing how dogs just melt your heart, and put you in a different mind frame!

These lovies are adorable!

julie said...

cute! hey Bad Rap- unrelated, but i thought of y'all when i saw this:

Anonymous said...

*boing*boing*boing* So cute! I'm sure glad this got posted!

Anonymous said...

Donna & Bad Rap Crew,

With your recent blue addition, I thought that you might appreciate the following greeting from our "earless" foster dog, Elton. Happy Holidays and thank you for all that you do!

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is my two ear flaps back.
Bully Love,

Dear Elton,
While next year I would prefer sugar cookies and milk to milkbones and a bowl of water, I have left something special for you under the tree.
Be Good,

Take care,
Jen in IN

Anonymous said...

OMG. i love how pits play. so funny. stop, sniff, jump jump jump.