Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hope this

Hope feels like a radical notion some days. Here are five things that made us perk up and contemplate the possibility of better days this weekend....

1. This editorial out of NJ makes some very good points. 'Opening eyes and hearts - Vick case has shed welcome light on animal cruelty.' ...Yes.

Just as good is this photo of the town's police chief getting slobbered by a shelter pit bull. You gotta love it.
Photo Credit Tanya Breen Ashbury Park Press. (Nice job, Tanya)

2. Vick's former home failed to attract a buyer this weekend. You'd have to wonder who in their right mind would ever feel at home in a place that holds such bad juju. The country's least desirable address (Make sure and read the last line suggesting the property would make a nice B&B for pet owners. Yuk.)

3. The ASPCA and Animal Farm Foundation are working together to reward animal shelters for creating perfect 'Adopt-A-Bull' adoption matches. They hope to use the stories of happy homes and their smiling pit bulls "to highlight the positive attributes and merits of the American Pit Bull Terrier" Press Release Here. Nice perk for your local shelter's adoption program...Big bucks too. Let them know!

Of all ills that one endures, hope is a cheap and universal cure.
- Abraham Cowley.

4. BSL was rejected in one town in Colorado on Friday. Very happy news from this same state that's been shamefully enforcing a breed ban in Denver. Parachute, CO

5. Finally, a small personal victory in the middle of bigger news, but very happy nonetheless.

BR alum Bailey recently transplanted to sub-zero Chicago and jumped right into earning her Canine Good Citizen certificate. Bailey - formerly known as Holly - was one of the last of 13 unclaimed Katrina dogs that found homes after coming to CA via our big bad 2005/06 flood dog project.

As we ready a whole new group of dogs from a whole different kind of disaster, it's SO nice to reflect on the Katrina dogs and see them doing so well. Bailey spent her summer as a much-loved mascot to a school with special needs super kids, and her mom has more mascot plans for her in Chicago.

Congrats Andy & Bailey!

Of course, having a CGC title doesn't mean Bailey's not capable of being a lovable BRAT. I bet we all can relate to this: Naughty Dog Movie


Anonymous said...

how to beat BSL in Colorado: make sure your ACO is a pit bull owner:

"Aimee Chappelle of Parachute owns pit bulls and is the Garfield County animal control officer. She strongly opposed the ordinance and said her dogs are well-trained, as she takes them to schools for dog-bite demonstrations.

“The kids love them, I have pictures of them hugging the dogs,” she said."

Jackelyn said...

5 great reasons to smile!

Donna said...

>how to beat BSL in Colorado: make sure your ACO is >a pit bull owner

good point.

and* make sure your local ACO isn't the lone man at the podium when the politicians first start scaring up the idea of BSL.

No BSL said...

Opening Eyes and hearts
Great editorial for the most part but if you want to help Bullies DON`T DONATE TO PETA!
It`s obvious that their only interest is making money off the cruelty to these dogs.Why do they talk to these PETA people and then quote them!!

[quote]They're outraged by it. Our headquarters has been flooded with people asking what they can do to fight cruelty in their own communities."[/quote]