Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa, take note.

The elves must be getting lax: We accidentally ended up with someone else's Christmas gifts yesterday. It seems Santa forgot to pick up and deliver them to their rightful homes. (Or maybe their homes don't celebrate Christmas?)

Either way, these unclaimed gifts are ready and waiting to be delivered, as soon as we figure out who they belong to.

Gentleman Bug (the best kept secret at Pit Bull Hall). Bug Clip

The Girls. Josie Kat (left) and Texas with the Texas-sized ears.
Tex & Co. Score Cookies and Josie Kat Clip

Santa keeps telling us that this Rascal was delivered to the right address, so I guess we're stuck with him. Rude Boy

Meet Bug, Josie Kat, Texas and friends at Pit Bull Hall


No BSL said...

It`s too bad Santa can`t deliver to Ontario Canada because a lot of your dogs are catching my eye but could they deal with all our snow?
Bug reminds me of Mac.
Too cute!
Give him and the others a hug from Ontario.
How are the Blues doing?
More video coming?

Donna said...

Hey Mac's Gang
Yes - Bug does look a bit like Mac!
The Blues are doing well.
Deja Blu is teaching Elvez some new manners.
And BooBoo Divine is being courted by a new family.
Good stuff all the way around.
Thanks for asking.
Happy Holidaze in Ontario!

Anonymous said...

I would trade my usual Christmas presents (deodorants and Gift cards) for any of those bullies without thinking twice. :)

Happy Hollydays and a Happy 2008 for everyone at BadRap and of course the bullies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna and Tim,

How did I know it would be Christmas and you two would find yourselves with a bunch of Pibbles?

And Honky! I thought he only played 'dead' log in front of the fireplace! LOL!

Hope you have more Pibbles calendars because I am going to put in another order to give to our adopters here at Hillside SPCA!

The Merriest Christmas ever to all of you out there!


PS Keep the vids coming!

Anonymous said...

Sigh...I think Santa forgot to deliver my gift from Texas! What an absolutely lovely little girl...if ONLY I could have just one more pit bull in the house...I really do have a special place in my heart for those brindle beasties!

Jackelyn said...

Oh, I think I love Bug...well Bug and Elvez. Any cute videos of Elvez for me to look at???

All of your dogs are wonderful. Just wonderful. I am also contemplating a trip to the Bay area for Miss Jersey, my pittie. Me thinks a PitEd class would do us both a world of good!