Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Letter

Here we go. The media is running wild with a handwritten letter from MV to Judge Hudson, outlining his regret "for dog fighting activities" and request for mercy.

Let's back up. Knowing what you know now, that in a report to the courts the team of ASPCA-led dog experts noted that, after extensive evaluations, a number of the dogs "showed no sign of aggression or threat to (either people) OR DOGS." That several have since been taken in by foster families - foster homes which typically include kids and other pets. Well, it contradicts everything the general public has been lead to believe about these horrible fighting dogs. Hec, it contradicts everything most pit bull owners believe about fight bust dogs. Admit it, weren't you surprised?

"Bred for generations for their unstoppable violence" ... "Ticking time bombs" ... "Killers"

Or so we were told.

So now. Knowing that dogs that didn't perform well...that they were tortured for being "no threat to other dogs"...can you just imagine the scene in this horror movie? A dog that "showed no threat to other dogs" wasn't just cleanly dispatched by a needle full of blue juice. It was made to feel unspeakable terror at the hands of his most embarrassed, most outraged best friend. Torture isn't designed to kill, but to punish, humiliate, and terrify.

We know these dogs, we know the dogs that were tortured. As much satisfaction as we've gotten from seeing the wonderful rescue outcome, I think it's safe to say that most everyone who's worked on the case has been privately tortured to some extent by the details. I can't talk, but I do need to talk, and I know I'm not alone. We've lost sleep, broken down in tears, raged inappropriately at odd moments, cursed the victims' critics...And we're only on the fringe of those Virginia woods looking in. The torture was that twisted.

Michael. Torture is not a fleeting lapse in judgement or "bad decision." We all make bad decisions and we all regret them and struggle to make them right. But you haven't begun to deliver yourself from this thing. Don't fool yourself...You're hanging from a tree, along with your beautiful, terrified dogs right now. Own it.

As far as the letter goes? Read it to your dogs.

This 1923 photo of a boy and pit bull saying prayers together was sent by Seth, a fellow vintage photo lover. It seems appropriate to share it now.


Anonymous said...


The picture is priceless...I do watch for these on Ebay myself, but that one is a clear winner. Perhaps that doG is praying to the spirit above, who is watching over all the bullies who are tortured and abused because they do not perform as perfect killing machines.

Certainly, I am not as close to it as you are, but as close as I am, it's enough to 'torture' me, sitting here at 5 AM in the morning and checking your blog.

Get some rest....there is more work to be all of us.


Anonymous said...

I have tremendous admiration for you and your organization.

I don't know if I'd have the stomach to do what you do day in, day out.

I'm hoping that the Vick situation will open people's eyes to who is the 'inherently dangerous beast' among us.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If that letter that he's pulled out of his ass gets him any sympathy, the people who give it are, in my opinion, completely mad. How can someone who has done what HE HAS DONE call himself a gentle person? Sometimes I feel so disgusted with my species it's hard to breathe.

No BSL said...

[quote]"Michael could have easily followed the wrong crowd but he chose to make something out of himself [/quote]

Geez I wonder who or what would have been killed and/or tortured if he had followed the WRONG crowd?

Not buying the apology Michael.
I think you`re sorry you got caught.

That`s a beautiful picture with the child and the dog.
Thank you for the work you do on behalf of these great dogs.