Sunday, April 04, 2010

Newsy News

Barn Update
We're moving forward! ... Skylights are in place and flashed; solar voltaic system on order; windows are in and doors hung.

Good Friday turned into Excellent Friday when an Oakland inspector signed off on five different building inspections all in one swoop. Barn roof = check. Plumbing = check. Framing = check. Electricity = check. Foundation pour = check.

We're moving into the final stretch. Next step: flooring (inc. wooden porch in breezeway), barney ceiling, sheet rock, finishing details ... and bring in the kennels. Hot damn!

Sal brag

Lookit that handsome boy. Salvador's mom Jackie Gunby sent happy news of his first hospital visit as a Delta therapy dog. Below her quotes, a favorite repeat of the video that made us all fall in love with the goober guy; being trained by Sara Scott while he lived at Oakland Animal Services. We always knew this boy was destined for goodness.
"Last night Sal did his first hospital visit at Kaiser Roseville - first hospital visits can be a little spazzy with all the smells, people and gadget traffic, etc. However, our fabulous boy was absolutely stellar, possibly the BEST first visit I've ever seen from one of my own dogs or others' dogs! Yes, I'm biased, but he kept his focus, stayed on his stool for longer periods of time (2-3 minutes) than I anticipated, really connected with the patients and staff. And, we didn't get one single negative breed comment - not one! We had lots of "gosh is he a PB, Staffy, (insert your favorite breed here)?” Lots of "what a well-behaved boy," "he's so soft!" and other positive comments." - Jackie


Anonymous said...

Whoohooo! Good news all around! That barn is gorgeoouuss! Hmmm, looks habitable for even us people!! There will be some very happy, very lucky pit bulls in that barn!
And Salvadore - you adorable, sweet, sweet boy - we're so proud of you!!

Lynn in N.Cal

J.M. said...

Congrats to Sal and his person.
How could you not love that fella?

Great to see the barn so close to being finished.

Sally's mom said...

That video of Sal makes my heart swell on behalf of all the sweet and deserving pit bulls in shelters who just need a chance.

So happy for this boy.

pibble said...

YAY on the barn's progress!

And if a tail could talk, Sal's tail would say volumes! He is beautiful. I wish...

who wouda thunk it?? said...

he has thast "Petey" face, or maybe it's the music , But he still makes me think of Petey!

Anonymous said...

That barn is beautiful! I can't stop admiring the windows. Really, so impressed. What a hospitable place for a lucky bunch of residents. $ well spent.

BAD RAP you are the role model rescue group in my book!

Maureen said...

Great news!

Do you need a fridge for the barn? I've got a really nice Kenmore side-by-side in my store just sitting there. It's not very old and is in excellent shape (except for a few cosmetic dings that occurred in the last move thanks to the over eager help!)

Just let me know and it's yours!

Donna said...

Oo Maureen ... thank you for the offer of a Kenmore.
We have a half sizer that we're going to try out in the barn. I think it will meet our needs for now.

Thanks again, though!

Unknown said...

Good job, Sal!

Also, who is that little white dog with the bat ears in the second picture?

Ken Foster said...

When can I move in?

Dianne said...

It looks fabulous! Any plans for any art work? I'm thinking stained glass or ceramic tiles.

spongebrooke said...

That looks great! I wouldn't mind renting a kennel there! =)

Hanna said...

The barn is looking so awesome!