Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bling that gives back

Did you know that it's National Pet ID week? Fancy that. So it seems today is the day we all should get a new tag or two for our pets. Or, our neighbors' un-tagged pets. Here's what's up:

Free Tags from Found Animals

Los Angeles based animal advocacy group Found Animals is giving away free Pet ID tags all week long. I just got one for my new puppy, Elliot (yay). When you order your tag, you're added to Found Dog's newsletter list. Which is a good thing - these people are doing some great work in SoCA and could use our support. Here's the link to the FREE TAG ORDER FORM.
Easy, peasy. (3 per household. while they last)

** EDIT: the tags have all been officially gobbled up. Thanks Found Animals! **

Fetching Tags + Paco Collars = Stray Gold Rescue Support

We've been seeing dogs running around for months with cool little organically shaped bits of metal flashing from their collars - usually, Paco Collars - that say goofy things like 'Sexy Beast' or 'Mama's Baby.' Finally it dawned on us to ask WTF is up with those crazy tags? They're multiplying and showing up wherever dogs are sufficiently spoiled. They're from a company called 'Fetching Tags' and they seem very motivated to bling out your dog while helping him get home in style. In fact, nothing says "My pit bull is family" like a great collar and tag.

If you order a tag from Fetching Tags or a new collar from Paco Collars, they'll donate 20% of your order to BR. Cool huh? They must know how pit bull people are about dressing up our dogs. (Do you feel marketed?) Here's the who/what/why of the project, called Stray Gold. And the code you need - in case anybody asks - is CABA01.

Thanks to all the givers. We really appreciate the love!


Kim Wolf said...

That made my day! Thanks for sharing this :)

Donna said...

it made my day too, Kim.

there's something so gratifying about an easy-to-use order form and free gift for my dog.

cinco de maya said...

didn't make it in time for the freebie but heading over anyway to order one for the pug. will be getting one for the pit we will be bringing home soon, too. how can we not when the tags are so cute and they benefit our favorite rescue?!