Friday, April 30, 2010

i am blue.

i am not rare,

not really blue (I'm a black dilute), not different from any other pit bull (the "blue nose" myth).

i am being over-bred in every city in america.

i'm everywhere - especially in 'pit bull puppies for sale' ads.

if you see me walking down the street and call me a 'blue nose,' my person may roll her eyes and try really hard to be nice because ... she knows you're sorta gullible.

i am beautiful and i am dying in every shelter in the country because the hype is bigger than the truth.

please share this myth buster poster wherever dogs are feeling the blues.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dogs. Kinda like the Silver Labrador which is just a dilute chocolate. Even says chocolate on their AKC papers. I would love to have the dog in the picture, not for the novelty, but because it is a beautiful dog! Color doesn't matter.

Kimberly said...

I love this. Our sweet Molly has a blueish nose and a beautiful taupe-blue coat... not to mention one ice-blue eye. Everywhere we go, ignorant people will ask, "is she a blue-nose pit?" "Do you want to breed her?" etc. Our response is alwyas, "she is an APBT who happens to have blue coloring. She is a rescue and is spayed and we would never consider adding to the pit bull overpopulation."

Anonymous said...

Is that gorgeous dog standing on a rusty table???

I hear the same stupid questions, with one guy arguing with me that the blue nose is a separate and distinct breed. Huh?

My Bunny is a sweet little gray dog with a lighter pigmented black nose. There! End of BS!


Diane said...

Nice flier!

Funny thing.. My dog is a black pittie with white markings and a black nose. I was walking her recently and a young guy approached me and asked if I wanted to buy a puppy. He said, "My friend has pit bull puppies to sell and one looks just like your dog... Black-nose pit. Even more special than the blue nose."

Beyond stupid.

Boris said...

Blues for the Breeder Blew's

Fads that come just have to go,
As only the first made some dough.

Backyard folk trying to make lots of bread,
Blue lines like kings, mom to son they forced bred.

Out came the precious pup litter with all their woes,
Showing mars of allergies, sloped heads and six toes.

The Blue Boys of standard were kept intact as so handsome,
With hopes that their offspring bring in equiv'lent ransom.

No blues for puppy mills who before the fad went dead,
Jumped to a new fake breed of shorter legs, bigger heads.

Now the story continues with pounds filling to their max,
With the poor blue temperament lot that their buyers threw back.

Breaking the cycle takes rescuers who test, screen and train,
ID'ing pit-blue worthy pets for families to reign.

Picking your best friend by just the latest fashion or trend,
You miss a soul-mate who'll bring devotion to the end.

Boris' OEL
Inspired by a diluted Red-Nose (a.k.a. new breed - pink nose?),

Donna said...

LOL Susi -- that IS a rusty table indeed. wouldn't have it any other way. LOL!

The Foster Lady said...

I love the poster...think I'll put it up at work tomorrow. Thanks.

pitbull crazy said...

Thank you for posting this. As a vet tech that takes one of my pitbulls to work a few times a week I really get tired of hearing 'rare blue', 'blue nose', 'gator', etc...someone actually said 'Thats one of those Russian pitbulls huh?' She just plain ole brown brindle!

Marsha said...

I have a "red nose" ABPT who is very striking. He is mostly white with patches of lighter brindle. Our next door neighbor's punk friend asked my husband if we would stud him out. My husband said "He doesn't have any balls, so good luck with that." The guy was incredulous that we would neuter our dog. "Why would you do that?!"

Diane; The Dog Diva said...

I LOVE this...we have so many "blues" at the shetler and people always want them b/c they are so 'rare'....beautiful yes, rare not so much....

Flitryss said...

Yes, so "Rare" that my sister rescued one that the backyard breeder was "Getting rid of" at six-and-a-half weeks old.


One voice counts said...

"i am beautiful and i am dying in every shelter in the country because the hype is bigger than the truth."

"please share this myth buster poster wherever dogs are feeling the blues."

Amen. Pass the Margaritas.

Unknown said...

What a photo! Fantastic location too! :)

Janet said...

Here's a new one....someone called my dog a BLUE FAWN.

Puppies in Arizona said...

Great sharing!! generally, people think that the blue nose dogs are belongs to the unique breed, but it's not rare. You have showed it. I Love the picture and the blue nose dog too.