Friday, April 16, 2010


Dobby (pronounced Dah-Bee) is one of the pups we were able to save from the Oakland cruelty bust last month. The little elf is named by his foster mom after the Harry Potter character that was imprisoned and abused by his captors.

Our little red house elf is doing well now, though. Thanks to a loving foster family and Daphne and Scoopy -- two dogs who love them some puppies. We'll be making Dobby available for adoption next week, so keep your fingers crossed for a happy forever home soon. Go Dobby, Go!


Joel said...

I was thinking that the Benny Hill theme music might be more appropriate for this clip, however upon viewing the dogs take too many breaks. I think you should wait to break out Benny for a clip where the dogs are running around the entire time.

Two Pitties in the City said...

He's adorable! What a perfect name.

Anonymous said...

Does a heart good! Love the tunes too!

Lynn in N. Cal

Maureen said...

To loosely paraphrase Cydi Lauper:

Dogs just wanna have fu-un!

Donna said...

Ahhh ... Benny Hill! Just the name makes me laugh out loud.

Y'know? We're going to have to name a dog after him some day. Then we can have all kinds of fun with the theme music.

Nichole said...

There is nothing that re-energizes me more than pibbles playing. It's just the cutest thing on earth.

Steve I. said...

Benny Hill music and pibbles are PERFECT for each other!!!
Go for it!
Now I'll have to buy a video camera for my two rescues (who look a lot like these two), and download the whole Benny Hill collection..
--Steve I., Snoep Dogg & Zeus AKA MooseheAD

Anonymous said...

so cute ! I was trying to find pictures of Dobby (from the Harry Potter movie)to show a friend why I sometimes call my dog "Dobby" (he has the same eyes and earings when he looks at you while you are eating...) and I found your blog and video. So lovely !
I am a dogsitter in Paris and I sustain all pet defense organisations !
Please continue your fight


Steve I. said...

Puppy plays the old "I'll wiggle around on my back looking cute, wiggle over to you then NIBBLE ON YOUR NECK" game... My little 50# buckskin girl Snoep is an absolute master of that trick. Fortunately her big little "brother" (Zeus, 80# of blue doofis) is a good sport about it and loves having his neck chewed on like a Kong toy! Keep up the great work!
--Steve I., Snoep and Mr. Zeus