Thursday, April 03, 2008

Landlord Lover

Nope, it's a little late for an April Fool's joke - this really IS BooBoo's new landlord. Somebody pinch me, maybe all the new positive pit bull PR is really paying off. Perhaps it's contagious and landlords everywhere will notice that they too have been duped by the sensation-hungry media and begin interviewing all dogs as individuals.

For more on how to build a good relationship with a potential new landlord read our PDF on renting with pit bulls: RENTING



No BSL said...

Good for this landlord.
I used to be a landlord and I never met a prospective dog tenant that I didn`t like.
The owners were sometimes a problem but that was owners of ALL types of dogs.
I hate to say it but if I was still a landlord I would probably discriminate.
I would favor responsible owners of Pit Bulls if I could get away with it.They need a break.

No BSL said...

Wait a minute
I`m a little slow.
Is that Boo Boo Devine from BadRap?
I see adoption pending over at your site.
This is doubly good news!

smason39 said...

I'm so happy for Boo Boo and so impressed with her new landlord!

Kirsten said...

Yay, Boo Boo!! I don't know how anyone can resist the charm of these critters. I'm so glad she's found a home, and that her landlord had the heart and good sense to see her for who she is-- such a sweetie.

Pip said...

You go Boo-Boo! Congratulations. I just found out yesterday that my apartment complex (which I thought was dog-friendly, given the assortment of dogs from mellow 60lb mutts to a 4lb staple gun that needs to wear a muzzle in public) - doesn't allow dogs from "dangerous breeds". You've guessed it, that means pit bulls. /sigh I tried to educate the apartment manager - unfortunately she doesn't make those sorts of decisions, that's the owner's call.

Anonymous said...

Awesome landlord! Although Boo-Boo looks more worried about him, than he does about her!

Congrats on landing a great new home, Ms. Devine.

pamipoo said...

What a lucky landlord to have such a gorgeous tenant! If I was that landlord I would be knocking on the door every day asking if Boo Boo could come out and play. What fab news!

2beemo said...

WooHoo for BooBoo!!

I have been noticing that even hotels are starting to discriminate... From the OMNI Hotel's website for the Washington DC location only..... "Pets allowed ($50 non-refundable fee to be donated to "Guiding Eyes for the Blind"). Extreme or Wild Animals not allowed (i.e., snakes, pitbulls, etc.)."

Wild? Extreme?! What a bunch of nonsense.

LMW said...

Mac's Gang said "I would favor responsible owners of Pit Bulls if I could get away with it.They need a break."

We debated a "Pit Bull ONLY" policy precisely because as a PB owner you HAVE to be more responsible. I'd be willing to bet that PB owners are BETTER tenants because it is so difficult to find housing. Landlords should think about that!

No BSL said...

I told you that Frodo,Spyder and I would understand each other.
I`m the ONLY one that thought perhaps there was another Pit Bull out there named BooBoo who just happened to show up on the BadRap blog.
Covering the ears should have tipped me off.
I feel "special" at this point.

No BSL said...

2beemo,you just gave me a new idea for a list to put on my blog.
People who oppose BSL need to know which hotels/motels have bought into this nonsense.
If they don`t want our dogs,they don`t get our money.
That one will start off the list.

Donna said...

MacsGang -- Have no fear, we take comfort in knowing that you're quite schpecial.

Doc Sinister -- Would it help your situation if you were to buy your own liability insurance for your pet? Sucks to have to do that, but sometimes that will open doors. Or - Put a CGC on you pup? Or both?

Good gawd. The things we have to do just to enjoy a normal, relatively boring life with our square-headed dogs.

No BSL said...

Thank you for that reassurance.
Here`s something else people can do.
It`s optional.
I know we can end BSL by voting politicians(who support it) out of office.
You can add your dog,cat,budgie,gerbil,town or city to this map.
Let`s show them the numbers.

Pip said...

I don't have a pup yet :( I'm relatively new to dog-loving and am getting some quality time in as a SPCA volunteer before I commit to a dog of my own - I was just doing my research. Better to find out my apartment doesn't allow pits now than later!

No BSL said...

We`ve decided not to have Spring this year,so we`d like to wish everyone Merry Christmas, again.

Please think of us on those warm sunny days and pop Frodo in the freezer one in a while so he gets accustomed to our kind of weather.
It`s my sense of humour that keeps me sane.

Tim said...

Tenants with dogs do make some of the best tenants since they have to work so hard to find a good place - they really don't want to lose it so try extra hard to keep their dog-friendly spots.

We rent to a tenant with a pit bull and she is great - even looks after our dogs once in awhile when we're out of town. She got her dog from a local pit bull rescue - can't remember who ;O).