Friday, April 11, 2008

A Crime Against Pit bulls

What happens when soft-tempered pups born into a high volume breeding operation miss out on proper socialization? Something like this...

Photo: Dog hiding during evals this week. It's horribly depressing to see our brave breed reduced to this. (And eerily reminiscent of the damage done to many of the dogs in the Vick case)

This is much of what we found when we went to AZ to see the dogs from this raid in February. Many speculated that dog aggression was going to be the biggest challenge with the dogs. We wish. Manageable dog aggression is a cake walk compared to this terrible tragedy.

Thankfully, we did find a few dogs that are brave enough for the real world - and, yes, they're also fine around other dogs. We can't take more than a short handful right now, but you do what you can. Some will be released asap and some are in a holding pattern while the courts have their day. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we want to thank the folks of Pima County Sheriff's Department, Humane Society of Southern AZ and Pima Animal Care and Control for helping us and for wanting something better for the dogs. There are too few of us (rescuers) and way too many of them (out-of-luck pit bulls) but these agencies have been incredibly supportive despite the very modest rescue efforts. Even the HSUS is getting involved by chipping in $$ so Diane Jessup can get ahold of 3 or so lawdog prospects. The last time they did this, WA got Hemi, so fingers crossed for another keeper.


Boris said...

GMD & GFT - your efforts go well beyond a few rescues, to getting the message and background out on the 'individual' Pit Bulls we see shaking in HDnet's HDvid (HD = Hot Dog right).

It would be HD great to get HDnet to follow an Arizona dog through Diane Jessup's lawdog training. Big playbow to to HSUS.

As for all the Arizona crew, they are incredible. GMT is your soul showing some dehydratation? ALL starts begin at modest. Like GFT says praise them just for giving you the look. They're hearts are now open to getting it right.

Eye drops you mentioned are needed to replace the tears you lost over seeing those trembling souls? Don't know how you handle the suffering. My folks get upset just seeing me limp this week.

Keep posting more stories, pictures and vids, I'm a "check back"

Anonymous said...

oh dear

You know which dog gets the sympathy and rescue efforts/$$ from the general public/rescue community?

Not the confident, bold, dog with "fight scars" (I'm sure there are some of those in this case) cause GASP it's probably dog aggressive and might kill a cat. (which, you know, means it will go after the neighbor's kids....ugh)

No, it's that sad, unsocialized, shut down dog that is NOT the proper pit bull temperament and may very well never recover.

And BTW, I guess it's good that HSUS sent the bucks to help these dogs, but howcome they didn't shout to kill them like the Vick dogs?

Donna said...

Unfortunately, the dog in the photo is not a candidate for adoption and even worse, she represents the bulk of the temperaments found in this raid.

But she deserves to be acknowledged and remembered just the same.

Kirsten said...

Oh, it's heartbreaking to see dogs in that state, to say the least. Good for you for doing what you can to help those you can. And I agree, the dogs that don't make it deserve to be remembered.

It looks like the 'fight bust dogs are universally vicious' myth is being dispelled. Surely when the public sees cringing pit bulls they will realize they are not monsters, and do not need to be put in a separate category; they are just creatures like all the rest of us, with the same needs... (duh).

No BSL said...

Sad but I feel drawn to pups like this and Frodo and Spyder.

2beemo said...

i will never forget that picture...ever. that girl needs to be named Honey. <3

god bless you, Tim, Ms. Jessup and the AZ folks.

No BSL said...

Boy the message isn`t getting out to some people.
This from a Vet quoted in the Pinnacle Online.
[quote]Dog versus dog aggression can lead to dog versus human aggression, especially with small children, said Curtis Moran, a local veterinarian.[/quote]
I think the Pinnacle Online is a California Newspaper?

Anonymous said...

That happens with every breed and type when they are not raised in a domestic environment and are not desensitized to the real world.

I read an interesting study about how dogs raised in outbuildings, in a non-domestic environment, develop behavioural issues such as reactivity and inappropriate aggression. I say inappropriate because as we all know, many types of aggression are necessary for survival and are actually a good thing.

The trouble with a fearful dog is that while it can be fixed, it takes a lot of work. I know because I have one like that - an SPCA back-door special, no way was he going up for adoption. Seized, we were his fourth home, the usual. The thing is, you can never really trust them since fear is the main reasons dogs panic and bite. Now that he's old (I've had him over 11 years now), he's much more mellow but I still have to be a bit of a sergeant with him around new people, especially men.

I'm surprised that the H$U$ is actually helping out a bit. Maybe they are changing their tune but I'll wait and see before I start praising them or change my opinion.

Good on you guys. To those who think this is a fight bust, can we wait until the evidence is presented and judged before jumping to conclusions about that?

Just because there are a lot of poorly handled, poorly bred 'pit bull' types at a kennel it doesn't mean they are destined for fighting. Let the public do the stereotyping if they want but let's not buy into it ourselves until there's actual proof.

Don't know about the US but up here in Canada 'pit bull' types are old news among the criminals and gang-bangers. They moved on quite awhile ago and believe me, 'pit bulls' will be the good old days if people don't catch on to what's happening.

Of course, 'pit bulls' really are the good old days, aren't they?

Good job you guys.

Anonymous said...

How sad to see dogs so shut down, so out of touch with "the real world" all because someone saw a profitable object, not a sentient, feeling, thinking dog.

And how tough it must be to see those dogs, interact with them, and know that they would never function in "the real world".

Progress is such a painfully beautiful thing - dogs who would have NEVER been given a chance are finding new homes, while the public is finally starting to see that the results of neglect and cruelty are no different for a pit bull as they are for a maltese or poodle. These dogs all deserve our compassion.

Kudos for being a powerful, grassroots advocate for these individual dogs (and the breed itself).

Donna said...

Thank you folks. The dog in that photo is the one that's going to haunt us for a good long time. And you're right Rinalia - they're only asking for our compassion -- whether it's from the politicians or the shelters or the puppy millers or the HSUS or the public. Compassion, please.

No BSL said...

We`re going to attempt to end the Crime Against Ontario "Pit Bulls"
We have the date.

Our appeal will be heard on Mon Sept 15 and Tues Sept 16 beginning at 10:30 a.m. at the Court of Appeal for Ontario, Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen St. West in Toronto. Room to be determined the Friday before.

The coalition challenging the Ontario Gov`t on behalf of Ontario citizens and these wonderful dogs can be found here.

I`d like to ask permission to put "Honey`s" picture on my blog.
I`d like to help show the world this "fighter" who just got knocked out of the ring by ignorance and abuse inflicted by both dog fighters and politicians.

Donna said...

Use it, MG.

September 15-16?

Sounds like a date we all need to put on our calendars for a world-wide 'Ooooommmmm' to nudge change for the better.