Thursday, April 10, 2008


Tim and I are in AZ tonight, putting lots of eye drops in our eyes in between putting our hands on lots of out-of-luck pit bulls. More on the pit bull business later. We need to get some sleep and ready for more of the same tomorrow.

But first, a heads up for those who didn't get our email notice about a current story on HDNet's World News Report. A crew came out and filmed the Vick dogs late February, and the final 20 minute story has run several times this week. There's another airing on Friday April 11 and again on Tuesday April 15.

Unfortunately, you'll need to find a friend who has high definition television in order to view it. We're working on getting a copy downloaded online, tho.' Fingers crossed.

I haven't seen it yet myself, but reports coming in say that the dogs looked great, Teddle's boy Sam looked adorable, and the seasoned wartime correspondent - Greg Dobbs - looked, uh, noticeably frightened. Not a good sign. Altho we all felt that he tried really really hard to get past his fears while he was here. I have a feeling this report is going to say less about the dogs, and more about the lens of the media. Stay tuned.


No BSL said...

A Wartime correspondent is afraid of these dogs?
Boy oh boy,the Media really has done a good job.
I just watched that video of Jonny playing with some larger dog and with all due respect to Jonny,he really is a tiny little squirt.
None of these dogs exactly fill me with dread and fear.
But then again,I`m not a war correspondent.
Perhaps the "enemy" knows how to fake you out.
I really hope you can get a copy of that.
It`s no wonder the general public feel the way they do.
They`ve bought it,hook,line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

I saw the report and while they did a good job of portraying the dogs in a positive light, I have to say I was a little "pizzed" off at the attitudes some of the so called experts STILL have about the dogs. Even the ones who seemed educated on the breed carried out the old tired ideas about "fighting dogs" being "bred" to be like that and if its in their "breeding" than even puppies can have bad attitudes. I simply do not agree with that in any way. I don't think the show did all that much to change anyones mind about the breed. The couple they showed who were fostering the Vick dogs almost came off as "crazy" for having the dogs around their child. That was my impression anyway. The narrator did at least seem to change his mind at the end of the show, although still seemed uncomfortable when Teddy tried to nuzzle his neck. I was hoping for a much more positive show on the breed.

Pip said...

*Looks at Uba, Johnny, Teddles and the rest* Oh yeah... I'm shaking in my boots here. People must have an ingrained fear of belly rubs or something...

The Foster Lady said...

I hate to say this, but when I read something like this: "Written opinion columns first for The Denver Post for six years " and the word DENVER immediately pops out and we all know what happens there! Search and seize and euthanize I'm sad, but not surpised.

Anonymous said...

Now that is one hell of a cactus! Wonder who it's flippin off...Ingrid?, MV?, the list of deranged people could be endless actually...

Anonymous said...

love the photo you selected...

No BSL said...

If anyone wants to read a sickening opinion piece(I`m not posting-it`s that sickening) go to the
NewsTribune in Tacoma Washington and read
"Let`s not pretend pit bulls aren`t a threat"
I don`t know why garbage like this is even allowed in a mainstream Newspaper.
That`s tabloid "journalism" at it`s worst.
People will repeat that garbage as if it`s fact.

Boris said...

I've got the HDNET inside my set-top box so viewed it a couple times. Try watching it doggy style - with little attention to the Blah-Blah-Blah sounds - except for the tone, focus on body language and positioning. Here are somethings to watch for:

- Dogs really scared in Arizona in their concrete shafts. They seem to tell a story that they used to be able to see their neighbor dogs in the other kennels which help the captivity boredom.

- Lady kennel-boss leans towards the interviewer and camera like a pup trying to please. Actions around kennesl seems unnatural as she hasn't been back there with the Pit Bulls previously?

- Interview man carrying a lot of fear, dogs trying to calm him as is cute-kid Sam.

- Off scene (cameraman?) sets high-strung Lucy off, she is trying to both get out of the way and protect all

Soon as I get my taxes done, might try to capture stills off the vid to document above.

I'm so glad Donna and Tim trying to help these shattered souls.