Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Booty Haiku

O your fine booty ..
.. a junk-n-the-trunk beauty.
Genetics, fer sure.

Mom Nature is a
show off: "Lookie what I made!"
Frodo the art piece.


2beemo said...

Shake that ass, Frodo!

Anonymous said...

lol! They are sexy dogs, aren't they!?!

Anonymous said...

OMG what a beaut and look at those muscles and nice shiny coat!!! Can put a ADBA conformation show dog to shame! WOWZERS!!
Crystal J and the rest of us at Mid Florida Pit Bull Terrier Association Tampa Fl

Pip said...

Look at the pibble bum! Frodo is such a cutie.

Also I see my girl Tex is adoption-pending, as they (at least in theory) say down here in the Lone Star State - yeehaw!

And finally a question... pitbulls and furniture? From BR's blog it seems that you're generally supporters of dogs on the sofa. My fiance and I disagree on the issue (I'm pro he's anti), so the question is: Can you effectively train a pitbull to recognize a certain piece of furniture as "Dog-okay" while others are off limits? Or does this just make them confused?

Anonymous said...

The pit bull backside--
Sculpted like manzanita,
But more fun to slap!

Anonymous said...

I've had good luck teaching my pitties to wait to be "invited" on to the furniture, and they waited to be asked...but i also have to say the current princess has three of her own cushy beds throughout the house!

Donna said...

The pit bull backside--
Sculpted like manzanita,
But more fun to slap!


Ooo. Nice!

Anonymous said...


We have an "invitation only" policy at our house (for all furniture). It's a privilege for dogs who have earned the right usually through months of good behavior (because he who is up on the furniture is higher in the pecking order).
I have seen dogs who were taught to only sit on approved pieces of furniture. Go with whatever works best for you guys.

Midwestern Bully Love

Anonymous said...

Frodo, you are not only a magnificent work of art, but such a cutie. While on the subjet of cute, a big shout out for Deja and Josie Kat. I Hope to see the adoption-pending caption soon for these two terrific gals. ---------------W

Jane said...

All this booty talk
Makes my kitty so jealous.
Pits have buns of steel!

Boris said...

Great picture for Frodo's vickdogsblog.blogspot.com
he'll get all the girls clicking.

This froto could also be an ad cover for 'Frodo Dancing' exercise video that gives you 'bully buns' or combine with his bath vid for 'shiny coat' shampoo. I'll use it as a great 'frig picture to keep me from snacking.

'couches on command', Boris

Unknown said...

Baby got back!! That Frodo is a cute hound.

I love checking the blog every day in hopes of seeing an uplifting update on one the amazing dogs you rescue. Thanks for making my day!

Unknown said...

"Baby got Back! LA waist with an Oakland booty..."

I look forward to checking the blog every day for an uplifting update on one of the amazing dogs you rescue. Thanks for making my day!

Anonymous said...

Ummm...hello Adonis!
Tiny pit bull booty is so sweet.
My female rescue pittie loves to show her 'junk' to anyone and everyone. Not sure if this is a pibble trait or if she is just overly 'friendly'....

Anonymous said...

You go Frodo! You look like a fine scultured artpiece...what a booty! Gorgeous!