Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Too much information. Let's laff.

Brain. Too. Tired. To. Blog.

Monkey Dogman to the rescue. I love this. Thank you Marc!


smason39 said...

I've tried to walk my cat on a leash and a mini-easy walk harness and he does the exact same thing!!! It's turned out to be a good way to clean my wood floors.

We live with two extremes in my house--little pit mix with leash aggression and obese cat with leash submission.

Anyway, thanks Donna, for introducing us to Monkey Dogman!

Boris said...

Ditto on too stressed, strained, tired, pooped, ...

Pray for me and hope it is only "Art-rows-coping'.

Check-back soon,

The Captain said...

He's like "aaaah, best backscratch ever!!" :D Love it!

Anonymous said...

This video just makes me laugh and smile! What a handsome, happy pooch. How the heck do you get the inevitable grass stains out of his coat?

Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

Anonymous said...

Is this a new form of dog sledding or weight pulling ? I couldn't tell which.

too funny !

Anonymous said...

Monkey DogMan say, "Life is a drag!"


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