Monday, April 07, 2008


Honestly, we thought the fanfare would be over weeks ago -- and we really do have things we need to discuss besides the Vick dogs. But the impact of this case keeps slamming back on us like Oahu's winter waves to the point where we're regularly soaked in salty wet realizations that maybe maybe this case really did make a difference. These sweet ladies represent a steady stream of visitors who've been trickling in from all corners to see the V-dogs in person. They file in and stare as if they're looking at - for lack of a better word - history. As if to say "Hot damn - you really are alive. You really did make it."

MaryBeth (right) and her daughter knocked us to our knees this weekend with the most sincere expression of love and appreciation and joy we've been exposed to in a long time. They came from new york and they wept when they met the dogs. Risen from the near-dead, these dogs...against all odds. And true to form, Jonny wondered what all the fuss was about (ZZzzzz).

Thank you ladies. You made our week.

Mo Visitors

Recognize this celebrity maniac? ...Put a disk in his mouth and you're good to go.

We had a fun weekend comparing notes on all-things-pit bull with Roo and his accomplished sidekick Wallace during a quick visit to CA. Our local park was blessed by the thunder of Wallace's mojo and we were treated to Roo's fancy footwork. Lucky us. Lookit that man go. Thanks for the fun, Roo!


No BSL said...

Now I`m really envious!
Wallace,grass AND Roo!

You guys,Wallace & his sidekick are making an incredible difference.

The Ontario Legislature is on my blog quite a bit.
I`m sure I`m on the "No Fly List" by now.
2 days ago they(Wish I knew who) were on and they watched the Rocky training video and they also watched the clip of Jonny on RR.
It might just be a Gov`t employee goofing off but perhaps it`s a politician.
I hope some day these really special dogs lose their moniker, but they obviously have a job to do right now and it`s to show the world that they are just dogs.
Believe me, your site and Wallace`s site bring tears to many Ontario eyes and that`s without meeting the dogs.

No BSL said...

Speak of the Devil!
The Ontario Legislature is on my blog at 06:45 am
Perhaps the Ontario slaughter is starting to bother some of them also.

Domain Name ? (Canada)

I must link to more BadRap videos for them.

No BSL said...

Can someone check the big fun-low drama link on Badrap.Thanks
I`m slowly working my way through your articles and that one says not found.It`s on the Commonsense to dog parks page at the bottom.
Interesting articles.
I have a Grey Hound Rescue couple not too far away and I had no idea about that aspect of Greyhounds.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide which I like better - the photo of those nice ladies giving Johnny a bear hug or the footage of Roo and Wallace. One of my favorite people meets some of my other favorite people - great blog post!

Anonymous said...

I still plan on making my own pilgramage.

Not just to see the Vick dogs but to meet other dogs at Bad Rap. I work in rescue and have made so many contacts since I started. I want to visit quite a few people across the states. I am in NY so I'll start here and head westward :)

No BSL said...

This has nothing to do with this blog entry but I was just watching that CNN interview with Tim after the publication ban was lifted.
It was on someone`s Facebook profile and I just added it to mine.
What a great piece.The dogs have come so far.
If the public and the media would just calm down,watch that and read factual articles like the ones on your site, this BSL nonsense and the hatred towards these dogs would cease immediately.
What is the reason that there always has to be a witch hunt on for someone or something?
I read the constant google alerts for "Pit Bull" attacks and read the comments on forums and it absolutely sickens me and I wonder what has happened to humanity.
They seem to have such a sick need to destroy these dogs.
That`s why it`s so great to see stories about Landlords,people that come from New York to meet Jonnie et. al and kids that bring their dogs(already neutered) for shots.
I guess it does have something to do with this blog entry.
I come here to get rid of the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach after reading the comments on forums.

Unknown said...

Great video again. Thank you for all your hard work. I just had to set some folks straight on a thread on my blog where someone mentioned pits in a negative light. I hope they stop by and check out the Vick videos as I told them to. This is a soapbox I will never get down from..seriously.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Wallace is so darn cute!