Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Girls Rule

Play time! No self-respecting beeyotch is gonna let a little hopping varmit like Jonny get the best of her.

Gooooo Penny.

This red diva is one of our best-kept secret weapons. Penny's helped school dozens of BR foster dogs in the fine art of Respect-the-Queen play manners. She works hard for her kibble!



Anonymous said...

You go girl! Jonny cracks me up with how he tries to lure Penny in with his little hopping routine - and I love how Deja wants no part of their gig - tooooo cuuute!


Boris said...

I'm so glad to have experienced Penny-Jonny play time. This amazing temperment girl goes from teacher to hug-a-bull in 10 seconds. She took all the belly and feet rubs I could dish out. And I really petted her up, as she reminds me so much of our Ol'Jake (GRHS) with beautiful color and markings.

Now for the you got to really love the breed caption contest. Stills: (1)"Who'd thunk it - Jonny gets shy asking the Prom Queen to dance"; (2) "O.K., O.K. I get it Penny, my turn to try it, NOW"
(3) "Foster Mom's Payback, Put Jonny in his place, we'll just post this Cute-Butt picture."
Vid (1): "Isn't the boy supposed to lead?" or "Tyson got enough in the earlier rounds"

Donna you gives us something to come home to, our BadRap Rescue and BadRap Postings.

Boris' OEL

Kirsten said...

Penny looks like a super nice girl (and great helper). And, hee hee, *Jonny funny*. What he lacks in size he makes up for in momentum, namely the momentum of flying butt nudges. (Has he been watching Ren and Stimpy re-runs?... Because this move is eerily reminiscent of "flying butt pliers".)

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed today - something to make me smile.

I love that little Jonny, what a clown. And Penny is one great dog.

Thanks, guys, for sharing your little joke with the rest of us :>)

Pip said...

1st... you go Penny! Show that hoppin' varmint who's boss.

2nd... I had a question and this seemed like a good place to get an answer. Are dog aggression and high prey drive (esp. compatibility w/cats) linked in pit bulls? Or are they as distinct as dog aggression / human aggression?

Pam said...

Johnny's giving it his all with his hip-hop action but you can see that Penny has seen it all before and she knows how to put Mr. Hop A Long in his place; good and proper! I've had the privilage of meeting Miss Penny and watching this little video makes me wish I was there right in the middle of that play session! They are both adorable!

Anonymous said...

OMD, that was so flippin' funny! Thank you for this video. I'm smiling even though my cat is in the hospital. I needed that.

Donna said...

hey doc

There's a big range of opinion on dog aggression being linked to prey drive. It's impossible to answer, because dog aggression is not a one-size-fits-all behavior. Different dogs have different reasons for tripping into dog aggression.

To keep us guessing, we've met some very dog aggressive individuals that live beautifully with cats, and cat-hungry dogs that are dog social. Rule breakers are everywhere.

It's a great question though and one that keeps us all fascinated and ever-learning via our favorite square headed teachers.