Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charlie Brown style karma

Happy nods and hat tips to Sula Foundation prez Ken Foster for this: A 'semi-official' list of NFL teams that have said "No" to signing M Vick.
The NO List

Altho they haven't said so officially, we can pretty much guarantee Vick won't be playing with the Raiders in Oakland - ie BAD RAP country. Not without a full-on media driven war, that is.
1. Atlanta Falcons. (We know it kind of goes without saying.)
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (They've been silent since Vick was reinstated; had previously said they aren't interested.)
3. Detroit Lions. (Pre-reinstatement.)
4. New York Jets. (Pre-reinstatement and last week.)
5. New York Giants. (Recently.)
6. San Francisco 49ers. (Pre-reinstatement and post-reinstatement.)
7. St. Louis Rams. (Pre-reinstatement, and possibly post-reinstatement.)
8. Dallas Cowboys. (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)
9. Washington Redskins. (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)
10. Houston Texans. (Pre-reinstatement.)
11. Indianapolis Colts. (Pre-reinstatement.)
12. Seattle Seahawks. (Pre-reinstatement.)
13. Buffalo Bills. (Post-reinstatement.)
14. Cincinnati Bengals. (Post-reinstatement.)
15. Miami Dolphins. (Post-reinstatement.)
16, Kansas City Chiefs. (Pre-reinstatement and post-reinstatement.)
17. Philadelphia Eagles. (Post-reinstatement.)
18. Jacksonville Jaguars. (according to WaPost.)
But we will not think about Vick ... We will not think about Vick ... We will not think about Vick.

THE BARN. A standing ovation to these recent, most generous Barn Raisers. We've raised $24K towards the $100K goal - nearly one quarter of the way there! This is a substantial amount and represents our cost for the blueprints and basic materials to raise the barn's poles (it's a pole barn) and frame out the structure. Absolutely fantastic!

Bless you Megan Cahill, Tracey Thompson, Nicole Gagne, Janine Axelrod, Mayuree Asawatangsathian, Marci Shaffer, Lori A Fusaro, Mario Gutierrez, Bentley Adams, Frank Romeo, Deborah Graham Clifford, Rachel Abend, Roxanne Alden, William Revie, Shirley Palma, Laura Blanco, Laura Gray, Sherie DeDore, Lisa Wayne, Lisa Stovall, Perry Hernandez, Rosalie Ball, Jacki Planck, David Kreaden, Susan Ledlow, Nicol Brickman, Maria Lee-Muramoto, Jessica Wilson, Hannah Kiernan, Krista Lloyd, Yuru Feng, Nancy Groom, Jeff & Marie Anderson, Andrea Ball and Amanda Verlander.

Off to raise the bar on the chart now!


Pit Bull Mom said...

Congrats on the donations!

I'm crossing my fingers to see the Steelers join that list. My family is from Pittsburg and if he winds up playing for them...every time I see my family wearing their jerseys on game days it will stab me in the heart.

Kembree said... is covering the situation with Vick very closely. They had reported earlier than San Fran and Oakland might be interested, particularly San Fran bc Coach Singletary likes 'projects' like this. I know he will end up playing somewere, I just wish Goddell would have officially given him punishment from the NFL and after he has shown that he has made a difference in the community. AND since everyone gets to assess him, why not groups like yours to see how 'he has changed'.

Anonymous said...

Im from Chicago and if the Bears look at him. Im selling my season tickets. Although it would be fun to hang out in the players parking lot with my pits.....

Jenn said...

I keep hearing rumors of him ending up in New England. I think a few teams will bring him in for a "tryout" simply to test the waters and see what kind of negative feedback they get from their fan base. If enough noise is made, all teams may steer clear of him entirely. I think he's getting more consideration with Tony Dungy mentoring him. Really brought down my opinion of Dungy. He was so outspoken to his friend Lovie about NOT taking Jay Cutler due to his alcoholism and attitude, yet he's fine with torturing and murdering dogs? I don't understand where he is coming from at all on that. If the NFL won't take him, the UFL will welcome him with open arms...until they realize what a PR nightmare it will be for their start up league.

VERY excited about the barn! Vick's first year of salary really should go toward it. That would get it built even though it wouldn't come close to making up for his actions. I just don't think anything ever will.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right about the Raiders icks-naying MV. I would hate to see him wind up on MY team for the past 36+ years. Needless to say, should anything so vile ever happen, I'm tossing all of my Raiders gear; never spending another dime on them, or any organization that endorses them; never watching another Raiders game; and will contribute to support your "full-on media driven war". Let's hope Al Davis isn't as crazy as everyone says he is.

Glad to see how quickly you're raising barn-raising funds. We're sending something as soon as I finish this note!


ingrid said...

I've watched about 3 or 5 football games in my entire life. I'm simply not a fan.
But I'll tell you this - I'll support those 18 teams any way I can!!
Amazing and AWESOME news!!!! Thanks!
(yay Philly!)

Boris said...

This brings out conversation around the teams not on the list.

So maybe it's like 'offender zoning laws' for those teams. Say the Browns picked him up, he'd have to live in a suburb like Garfield Hts. or Lakewood who want to ban bullies? Broncos, would give him lots of pibble free-space too.

Dog-pound Born, Boris' OEL

HEATHER said...

I just saw on ESPN that the Ravens say they are evaluating Vick.
I feel so sick I don't know if I will be able to get to sleep.

Ken Foster said...

The Saints said no yesterday afternoon!

Now I need to get my stupid paypal account working so I can help build that barn!

Anonymous said...

There are rumors that the Steelers are looking at him. I would be horrified. Twelve dogs were just rescued this morning from a dog fighting ring. Our pitbulls have enough problems without adding Vick to the mix.

leigha said...

everytime i think of vick stepping on that field again as an nfl player i want to cry, i want to scream, i want to protest, i want to hug my dogs and kiss their sweet faces to make myself feel better. i think of those dogs he killed, i think of this world and all the good and the bad. but most of all i thinks its BS, i just dont understand how you can do what he has done and then ask to get your job back, and actually get it. hopefully no team takes him. i just hope they all know what bad press with follow them if they do.

Chelsea said...

Uh-oh, the Chargers aren't on that list. Vick better not even think of showing his face in San Diego. I will wallpaper the planet with anti-Chargers propaganda.

zargar said...

Bummer -- the Eagles actually took him. Gah.