Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A thousand words. MO bust dogs hit the airwaves.

The AP ran a slideshow of some of the dogs from Missouri today, along with an article about the difficulties of finding rescue options for this group of dogs. I'm glad the reporter is watching this story. After all, bust dogs are really shelter dogs but with a lot more stacked against them. (Tim calls the attention paid to bust dogs 'affirmative action' for pit bulls.)
MSNBC: 'Homes tough to find for dogs seized in raids'

This AP photo shows Jett, who'll be joining the adoption program of the HSIMC - Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County. I think Tim's telling Jett just how lucky he is in this photo.

BARN UPDATE We're now only $1800 away from scoring our $8500 pledge challenge! After this week of bust dog insanity, I just can't wait to raise that bar. Big thanks to the recent barn raisers: Hanni Wagner, April Nockleby, Katherine Moyer, SWM Automotive, Sabina Lundquist, Amanda Jackson, Kelly Waggener, Barbara Groatgroat, RN Services, Andrea Ives, Lori Ferguson, Jacqueline Barrett, Jennifer Hart, Barbara Lauterbach, Cara Smith, Don Keenan, Mary Lovejoy, Susan Furukawa, Dianne Rhodes, Phyllis McMorrow, Carol Cohn and Jaime MacDonald.


Martine said...

Good luck to all, we will keep the MO pups in out T&Ps

martine & sugar

Kirsten said...

Aw, great work. It's always nice to see the doggins up close(ish).
♥ Beauty and co.

I've sent a little something your way. I was waiting until I can give more-- when I get my first royalty check at the end of the year, but the barn raising is NOW!! and I've gotten swept up in the excitement.
:) k

Amanda said...

The pictures warm my heart. =) Good luck with the barn raising, all evidence points to how useful such a facility will be. It is my hope that someday, pit bulls won't need any such "affirmative action," in the meantime we all keep doing what we can, huh?! THANKS BADRAP for always being an inspiration!

leigha said...

congrats on the progress of this so very important fundraiser!

leigha said...

i have sent out a challenge to all my face book friends to match a contribution i would like to make. i know times are tough but even if i just got 20 people to match a 10 dollar gift that is 200 dollars closer to the goal. its one way to make the little contributions add up quick.

Dianne in DC said...

Actually, this is an Associated Press story, which means it is EVERYWHERE! Just Google "Homes tough to find for dogs seized in raids" and you see it is on Yahoo, MSNBC, ABC, etc.

Way to go Bad Rap!