Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did somebody say fundraiser? Help us build a barn!

Dogs like Nelly must have super-psychic abilities -- they seem to call out for help at all hours from photos taken at bust cases as well as the kennels of crowded shelters.

YES NELLY - We hear you and your kinfolk loud and clear!

A Barn Raising
Rescue can never seem to do enough, but we can always try to create more ways to be a help. In our corners, we recognized the need for a landing pad for dogs that arrive from emergency situations. But this stuff is expensive, and since the country's donations generally slide towards the larger orgs that have a bigger public presence, we're now reaching out like we've never reached out before.

To help us do this work, we've got plans on the drawing board (below) for a modest holding facility. It will be just under 1000 square feet -- not huge, but big enough to allow us to say Yes more often to bust cases as well as emergency situations here at home. We're asking for a big 100K to get this moving, and to be honest, we're feeling a bit of pressure due to the bust in the midwest that may land dogs in all our laps sometime late summer or early fall. There's no time like the present to kick this campaign into gear.

Our first donor gave $1000 to kick this off. Hurrah for kind hearts! Thank you to Roller's family, Carolyn and Joseph Noble.

What we need listed in green chart below.

Check it: Our first big Matching Gift Challenge.

A special friend in North Carolina whipped up a fundraiser in his circles and organized a $8500 matching gift challenge to get this bar moving up. Please help us meet this challenge! Thank you to those who've already sent donations. Your gifts will be tallied up and offered here as the bar starts to nudge it's way up towards the goal. Feel free to tap Tim (tim@badrap.org) for ways you can fundraise for this campaign. And check back here often for frequent updates.

Print and Share this fundraiser! Link to PDF (11MB)

Thank you, Thank you!

The Ripple Effect of Giving

Salvador Update

Speaking of gifts and well spent generosity, we want to thank the Friends of Oakland Animal Services for donating a big $700 towards Salvador's leg surgery. Sal's video here. This special boy has been limping since he first came into the shelter as a stray from what appeared to be a collision injury (hit by car?). We held him at the shelter for longer than usual while vets puzzled over the best surgical treatment and frankly, because he didn't have a foster spot where he could heal.

But the bully gods must've seen us tossing and turning over Sal's predicament because they sent us the fairy godmother of healers. Jackie Gunbar is the CA chair of the Delta Society, and now she's Sal's new mom! Her org's mission is to "help lead the world in advancing human health and well-being through positive interactions with animals." Our beloved Salvador, who had his surgery last week, is now recuperating in the safety of her home. Touch-Junkie Sal is a natural for the therapy work that Jackie does thru Delta Society, so when she and her husband Greg agreed to adopt him as their next family member and therapy dog star, our hearts soared.

Thanks to all of our donors including FOAS, the little Oakland street stray is about to start an important new career healing others under Jackie's tutelage. How's that for good news?

How to DONATE to the barn raising.


leigha said...

that pic of sal is so sweet. what a guy. i will get the word out about the fundraising and will donate what i can over the next month or two. i always try to encourage people to consider donating to the lesser known orgs like bad rap who do so much for these bust dogs. i know times are tough all over but i also know the few dollars here and there can really add up. good luck with it all and thanks again for all you guys do to make this a better world.

Alex said...

Oo that was a sweet blog Donna! Sal looks adorable resting, I miss that lil sucka! Can't wait to see him in class :)

Donna said...

You're always such a kind supporter Leigha. Thank you.

Alex -- I miss him too! I'm so glad we'll always know that he's safe and well loved.

Alex said...

O yes, he's very lucky! He's definitely in a great home, no doubt about that! :) yay! Bob sends you lots of kissies :)

Anonymous said...

If we donate today, does it automatically go toward the $8500 matching gift challenge?


Lynn in N. Cal

Donna said...

Absolutely Lynn! And since you have as many dog bills as we do, I have to add an extra thank you for your love and support.

Unknown said...

Uh oh, I sent a donation via Paypal and didn't write in "Barn Raiser". Can you make the change? want you to get the matching funds!

Donna said...

Done, gina. Waving paws of thanks for your kindness!