Saturday, July 18, 2009


This is exciting ... We're at our half way mark for the $8500 matching gift challenge that was made just a few days ago to jump start our fundraising campaign. Wow - halfway! This video is making its rounds right now and is worth playing more than once...(and hey, isn't that Roo & Wallace playing kissy face in there?). Hat tips Shannon Karageorge.

Big shouts to song writer John Shipe for giving the dogs an anthem...And many thanks to everyone who showed up to get this barn raising off the ground. We're singing!

Paco Love

Paco Collars has made a really generous offer. Anyone who makes a four-digit donation ($1000+) will receive complimentary Paco goods. Check it out

Thank you to Carole Daniel, Kristi Johnson, David Thach, Sibohan Kennedy, Maureen Murray, Diane Yanovick, Jessica Morris, Hanna Fushihara, Mike and Christy Short, Alexis Deville, Christine DiGangi Hughes, Lisa Wolverton, Alison Green, Holly Ailts, Thomas Brake, Kristin McCormish, Cathy Parlato, Lisa Neely, Kristin Tassin, Sarah Williams, Sheri Cardo, Gina Farr, Connor Cook, Harrier Zucker, Pamela Averill, Cindy Kemp and Christiann Keith for helping us build our barn. WOOF!


leigha said...

i love love love that song and video. heard the song before but never saw the video til now. by the way its good to hear the fundraiser is off to a good start!

Boris said...

Mr. Shipe, Ms. Ana & all the donors,

I've been a long time admirer of quality art and enjoy it even more when it supports our cause.

About a year ago, my family fell in love and downloaded "Pit Bull Blues" after hearing on Wallace's Radio. It so reminds them of both Buck and me. The video just takes the song over the top. Great inspiration!

Also, I've been 'chic' for a long-time with Paco fashion since my first pink-rhinestone 'punk' collar that I was sent home in from EB-SPCA, "Pit Bull Hall". I'm now even a fashion model, of the matching OSRH and collar, which is so very functional and stunning. We feel this is a great opportunity to remember Paco too! So, I can add to my closet, by challengin my folks to get to the 'gift level' (and adding in their companys' match hopefully.)

Maybe none of us really match, yet we're all gifts to our forever homes. Here is a shout out to, EB-SPCA, Pit Bull Hall alumni.
Your Team Pibble bud, Boris here - challenging you all to participate:
The challeng goal for alum's should be 100% participation from all our forever-home clans. Make sure Tim knows you are a PBH ALUMNI when you donate so our class get's credit.

I'll Check Back with my folk's Check,


p.s. motivation to donate - dumbest thing heard today at the Houston Reliant Dog Show by a Pibble owner with loggin' chain collar and leash walking inside the arena:
"...he chews up all the other leashes and collars I buy for him!?!"

Donna said...

AH! - Boris has spoken!

Pit bull hall alums, you've been challenged to a hoe-down with your fellow hallers.

Let the matching begin!

Dianne in DC said...

My first donation has still not shown up! Yesterday my sister had to put down her 10 year old lab/chow mix, he had cancer that had spread to his liver. In memory of Magic, I've donated to this fund. Michael Vick comes off home confinement on Monday. Let's show everyone that we will step up and take care of these dogs.

Donna said...

Dianne - My condolences to your sister for the loss of her sweetheart. Let's figure out where your donation is so Magic can be honored as he deserves. Can you write to me with your full name so we can check? CC to so Susi can look it up. Thanks and sorry for this confusion!

MaggieJane said...

My birthday is coming up and I am asking my family to give any money they would have spent on me to Bad Rap instead (a much worthier cause).
I met Toes while volunteering at the Oakland Animal Shelter and fell for her pretty hard. I am so thankful she is in a loving home where she can live out the rest of her too short life. Thank you so much for what you do!

Andi said...

I LOVE the song and video. Wonder when he met my dog Buddy:)