Thursday, July 30, 2009

thursday tidbits

Some new items recently added to our blog sidebar --> Please note that the National Canine Research Council is now offering its classic book 'Pit Bull Placebo' for free. You can't beat that. While you're looking over NCRC's new and still-being-improved website, don't miss this fascinating page that outlines some of America's history with canine issues and hype. Share it, bookmark it: NCRC

Also, a fun poster created by our friends at Animal Farm Foundation will test your skill at identifying Pit Mixes. Link to the (big fat) PDF by clicking on this image.

Think you can identify a pit mix? I used to, but not anymore. The results of DNA testing are throwing everything we thought we knew about breed identification right out the window. We will keep this graphic and link in the sidebar of the blog for easy access. I hope some are able to share this with their local shelters for some lively discussion.

BARN NEWS! Huge thanks to Lisa Lindelef for pushing the bar right over the 25K mark yesterday morning with your donation. Wow - you guys sure are making me spend a lot of time in Photoshop updating the Petey graphic. Love it.

Barn Raisers: Louisa Squires, Susanna Mason, Karel Bagwell, fairy dog mother Susie Allen, Lynda DeRosa, Joan Gates, Mark Maggi, Patty Marques and Robert Stewart. We are at the $25,500 mark -- well on our way to $26K!

Don't forget that Paco Collars has a special gift for anyone who gives $1000 or more to the barn raiser. (thank you Ana!) Every one of us needs to tighten our belts right now, so we appreciate what you can send more than you know. The early success of this fundraiser is a true testament to the tenacious spirit of pit bull advocates.

For those people who are in a position to give $500 or more, please send a photo of your dog so we can honor the beast that inspired you to be such a generous person! Giving Tree There are a number of givers I need to track down for their dog's pix. Please send yours to: *Thank you!*


Anonymous said...

The "Are you a Pit mix?" poster is awesome. The fuzzy little Disney dog is the 'some' Pit? LOVE it.

A side note, I got into Pit rescue after falling in love with the breed about 10 years ago (how can you not if you volunteer at a shelter?) but also after I'd already adopted a dog who looks EXACTLY like the fuzzy Pit mix in the poster. I've always been sort of embarrassed by my guy, adorable as he is, because I sport my 'adopt a Pit' bumper sticker, foster Pits, have gotten my parents and sister to each adopt a Pit and so on and so forth and here I am with my scruffy little Muppets character. Well all that's changed now. I'm claiming him as a Pit from now on! He WAS found on 66th and International, after all, he's the spitting image of #7 on the poster and he's silly, goofy and sweet. How can he not be? :)

Anonymous said...

Is someone able to send me the pdf file? When I download myself, some of the fonts don't work. Thanks very much!

Lynn from N. Cal

Donna said...

Lynn - See if this link works better for you. Let me know if not.

Anonymous said...

Crumb, one of the fonts doesn't download for me. I'm going to ask someone else to try for me. Thanks for the link though,

Lynn in N. Cal

Chris said...

I'm very curious about the poster you have from Animal Farm Foundation on identifying pit mixes.

Mars the company that puts out the Wisdom Panel has indicated on their site that the APBT is not one of the breeds identified under its' test. It does have the AmStaff located under the test. Of course this brings in the age old debate of whether they are the same breed since APBT were used as the foundation for AmStaffs or if they are separate.

I assume the basis of the test was done under the AmStaff?