Thursday, July 30, 2009

Front page smiles

It's a great day when a local paper puts smiling pit bulls on the front page. Even better when the paper is celebrating a humane society's decision to bring two fight bust dogs into its adoption program. HUZZAH!

We're so proud of this gal and her community that we could just .. well, we are* crying. Thank you again Ukiah!

A second chance at life: Humane Society accepts rescued pit bulls - LINK

The dogs will be great family pets, according to Dodds. Jett and Zena met for the first time when they were introduced at the shelter, and now they are inseparable. "Boy, are they in love!" says Dodds. "Jett loves the ladies. He is a little player," she laughs.


Thoughts said...

Great to hear stories like this come out of horrible situations. Thanks for sharing.


The Other Sally's Mom said...

Leslie Dodds is one of the most amazing and capable people in the animal welfare world I have ever met. She makes such a HUGE difference. Kudos to Ukiah's humane society, too!

Evie said...

What fabulous news that so many dogs were rescued from such horror. It's a wonderful thing the Humane Society is doing and I hope many other rescue organizations are doing the same.

I do hope Jett and Zena respond well to treatment and that they and at least some of the others find loving homes, they all deserve it.

To think that we still have a blanket ban on these beautiful dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act here in the UK.

Donna said...

Thanks Evie. It turns out that Zena and Beauty (the blind sweetheart) are both heart worm positive, but Jett is not. Fingers crossed for all the others.

I do believe the UK's ban will be lifted someday - with a lot of hard work and tenacity on the part of dog lovers. The Netherlands proved that it's possible!

Anonymous said...

Hum...having a bit of a problem with this story though. There is nothing wrong with a dog-reactive dog. The deal is: can an owner manage that dog and is that dog 'over the top' in terms of dog-v-dog aggression? Also, does that dog-reactive dog adore human beings? That's the bottom line for me and many pitbull owners.

So I do have a problem with the consistent message about 'rehabilitating' dogs when their tolerance to other dogs has everything to do with their genetics and your handling as an owner.

Donna said...

You always have to read news stories with a grain of salt, anon.

Reporters usually have absolutely no background in animal behavior, so what you tell them about managing terrier traits or helping bust dogs get ready for adoption will be more than muddied as it filters thru their preconceived notions. It's a given.

Anonymous said...

Good news to hear of bust dogs getting a chance at the good life in the hands of people who know what they are doing!

It's much needed after reading about his dog (who may or not may come from fighting) and is now in not-so-great "rescue" hands: