Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our first givers - Thank you!

Aww. See how excited TugTug is?

He overheard us say that kind hearts donated $2500 yesterday towards the big $8500 matching gift challenge. The bigger gift was offered up by dog lovers Aaron Woolman, Jackson Thomas, Tuck Souto and friends, who are watching closely to see if their challenge is met.

Enormous thanks for getting this started: Andrea Jones, Jennifer Clark, Joanne Jaimedes, Melea Cassell, Aubrey Strause, Jennifer Varkoly, Diane Androvich, Karen Ilier -- and special thanks to Pam and Glyn Quarterly for your most generous donation from the shores of Bermuda. Fundraiser link.

We're almost one third of the way to this match. Not bad! With a little luck, we can help the odds:
AP Article - '450 dogs seized in raids face tough odds'


Martine said...

Totally cool!!!!

Tug Tug is SO cute!!!!

xo sugar & martine

Charles said...

He's pretty excited all right. =)

Donna said...

You caught that, huh Charles? Well I'm glad some*body's paying attention around here. lol


Charles said...

Haha, well, I used to take VPA & PF pics for a certain East Bay shelter in Dublin you're probably familiar with, and thus had to watch out for such things. =)