Friday, March 20, 2009

Grand Opening!

Our favorite shop for dog fashion is back in the East Bay. Paco Collars has moved to a great little shop in Berkeley and is geared up for showing off their new storefront window this Saturday the 21st. If you aren't familiar with their custom leather work you either don't have pets, or you aren't from around here!
Paco Collars has always been a great supporter of BAD RAP and has donated plenty of collars and leashes to our foster dog program over the years. Founder Ana Poe raised $600 for our Lolo's double TPLO surgery in honor of her dog Paco's recent untimely death and in their continuing generosity are also donating 10% of the day's sales to BR. For those of you who are out of the area - order online.
If dog bling is your thing, doncha dare miss it!


One voice counts said...

Oh, NELLY. What a neat lady Ana Poe must be. I am glad she was able to help with your surgery. And I know PACO is running and jumping and smiling just the way he did when he was a young pup. GHANDI and EMILY and HOMIE say hello and they hope you are feeling better now, and not so groggy.

Anonymous said...

I just love "bling". I am from Texas so not familiar with the Paco Collars. I will be ordering some additional "bling" online for my George on Saturday.

It just broke my heart to read about Paco's death and I have kept Ana and her family in my prayers.

Here's to large sales on Saturday.


Boris said...

BadRap dogs make for great Models!

Check-out my 'lay-out' on the OSRH.

Practicing my run-way walk, Boris

Anonymous said...

Who is the artist responsible for that PICTURE! And who is the wonderfully well trained dog who posed for it? I can only hope my Ava achieves that much self-control some day! Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

i love that picture and any picture that resembles my boy darwin, who is solid black besides his white chest and white toes, and that wee little white dot on his cute lil nose, is of course a picture i will love. anyway good to see a good cause such as bad rap being supported. i am going to start my own business soon making and selling dog bones. i am going to donate a percentage of profits to a pit bull rescue and bad rap will be one i will want to help as much as i can.