Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dark Day in Oakland

A distressing day for Oaklanders as the city mourns the shooting deaths of three officers and a fourth in critical condition. NYT Article.

Oakland Animal Services, where BR has recently dug in our roots, is a division of the Oakland Police Department. Just three weeks ago, we were saluting the OPD for the large scale cock fight bust. The East Oakland neighborhood where the shootings took place is where BR has been doing much of its public outreach for dog owners, and has been one of the more troubled spots in the city.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and comrades of the slain officers: Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt. Dan Sakai and Sgt. Ervin Romans.


Anonymous said...

it is certainly very sad and tragic. when i heard of the shootings i thought of bad rap and the connection to the law enforcement agencies that exist within your organization and the animal control officers as well.

Ted Ramey said...

I haven't seen it in print, but I have heard on radio that the 4th officer passed away earlier today.

Anonymous said...

Donna & Tim,

Thanks for your thoughts and tribute to four fallen heroes. Rest in Peace brothers


Boris said...

It must feel more like venting than sharing with this blog. Please find a way to amplify our condolences to those family and fellow comrades who have lost their loved ones.

Police officers remain one of the most special and giving people in our society with the biggest hearts, tenacious drive and stongest spirits, similar well respected traits.

While maybe not the appropriate time or words to state, the NYT article reminds me that isolated acts build contempt, misunderstanding and bigotry to point of sensationalism in the press. It is a continuous battle to maintain civil balance in our streets and cities. We should not expect less in NEWS reporting.

I hope a great solidarity comes out around these officers services and permeates into the community. Nothing would look better than seeing some of the BADRAP gang out walking along to show their support and offering their broad shoulders for therapy hugs.

To respect the fallen, we'll be lowering our flags and putting black-tape over our stars,

Boris' OEL

Splash said...

It is very sad and distressing indeed. When I first heard the story, I couldn't believe it.

I have to say, though, I found it very odd that you linked to a NYT article. Huh?

Donna said...

Hey Splash - In my haste to get the blog posted and out the door on Sat, I grabbed the only article that was running photos of the officers at that hour. I agree - the article is UGH and deserves a whole other discussion. In another venue, preferably - unless you want to weave it in with how the media loves to hype up bad news and create more hatred than is necessary.