Saturday, March 14, 2009

doggies in the window

For one quick day, the smallest male in our program (34lb TugTug) commiserated with the largest male in our program (68lb Howie) on the bummer of being a foster dog, left to sit at the back door and watch the resident dogs enjoy their real lives.

Little do they know, both boys are being courted by hopeful new homes.

Now if only we could teach them to do windows while they wait.


Leila said...

How cute! I love Howie standing over TugTug. If they are like my buddy, they have done your windows. Just with lots and lots of lovely pibble slobber.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for their new homes.

Boris said...

Hey Tug & Howie,

From one big lunk-head to another, you two are ready for homes, as I can see you got that pathetic "woe is me" look down.

Leila has it right,
The Howie-Long-Tug-Bridge is way too cute. It does show the ying-yang in the bully sizes. And, those windows look great with the slobber at perfect nose level for each dog. Now mind you that in that household, that can be a lot of levels.

Keep your courting manners, and I'll check-back,

Anonymous said...

i would sit out on the porch with them and keep them company. what sweeties. i am sending good thoughts for success in their potential new homes.

Jessica Mora said...

Those dogs are beautiful. My boyfriend and I are planning to foster pit bulls once we move out of the city (which just banned "new" pit bulls within city limits.) Those pictures bring both sadness and hope, that one day, society will get the bigger picture.

Good luck finding homes boys! You two will make great dogs!

Anonymous said...

LOOK AT THEM!!! awwwww thats so great!!!
They are both such GREAT dogs, I know when we had a sleep over with each one of them when we were at camp they were both GREAT dogs!!
Howie and I took an early morning walk by the marina one morning and he was such a perfect little man.
I wish them well.
Howie is a bit of a bed hog!!(smile) and I LOVED it!! he nestled in right next to me after I invited him up and im telling you he was the best snuggler!!

Anonymous said...

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