Sunday, July 06, 2008

Washington Post Pix

This is Carol Guzy, the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who jetted around the country to capture images of the Vick dogs in their current settings. Her images just launched in a beautiful multi-media piece in the Washington Post.

Shelter for the Scarred

Even though we've seen hundreds of photos of the dogs by now, I admit I broke down and wept when I finally saw these. She captured the bond that keeps all of us defending these dogs. Thank you, Carol.

The accompanying article is rather average (unfortunately, this pit bull-shy reporter was never able to meet the dogs) but those photos! They speak a thousand words. Bless that lady and her camera.


Anonymous said...

The photos are stupendous and the stories are so beautiful and moving. Egads, it restores my faith in humanity.

Luisa said...

Awesome photos! I hope Carol wins another Pulitzer and a bucketful of other awards for this great series.

[Article -- meh. Oy, that HSUS chucklehead [eye roll].

Boris said...

Make sure to be persistent and reload the page to see the introduction plus all four of the chapters(back button didn't seem to go to the story and WP side banner didn't help).

Remarkable pictures and great slide shows linked to the recorded sound.

Gives a real sense that all the effort has been worthwhile. I remember the trepidation when you mentioned that Washington Post was coming by for the weekend to take pictures of the dogs.

Thanks photographer, Carol Guzy and congratulations BadRap on helping get the message out.

Boris' OEL

Anonymous said...

I love reading this blog, but for me, this site has become NSFW - I always end up bawling and sniffling in front of my computer at work.

Y'all are doing wonderful work with beautiful dogs. Thank you so much for giving these dogs the chance to love and be loved.

Unknown said...

This was so touching I wept while I went thru the slides. It's wonderful to see such positive press about these loving dogs.

Anonymous said...

I think Marthina trumps John Goodwin. and I believe the WP thinks so as well, since they gave her the last spot. Beauatiful stories..

Boris said...

All you bloggers,
Keep posting & telling your friends to pass this story along. We can get it going around the world by morning.
It hit MSNBC:
Atlantic Journal Constitution:
Sort of the BRITS got it:

Still, we have to work harder as a Google on
"Shelter for the Scarred"
still gives you a "PETA hit for a Newsweek article" (thank goodness it has a Nathan Winograd quote).

Also if you didn't see it, you can give your comments or thanks via the washingtonpost to Ms. Schulte at:

Or leave your acknowledgements to the fantastic eye and camera work of Ms. Carol A. Guzy:

Donna, Would Ms. Carol consider the "Tuff Luv" show for some of her work? If not maybe we can get her a ticket for a glass a wine and entice her to take a couple more snaps to keep documenting all the Luv.

She could even make my head look cute,

Donna said...

Great idea to ask Carol to submit to Tuff Love this year.

We have a very special location lined up ... It would make such a great addition to the Par-tay.

DP said...

I read the Post article yesterday on the train. I'm glad you rescue pit bulls. They are misunderstood. I watch Animal Planet's Animal Cops. The Detroit ASPCA they put Pit Bulls to sleep because they believe they are to dangerous to put up for adoption and they don't have any service to rehabilitate them.

Anonymous said...

Great photographs. Lame article.

Anonymous said...

Where are the photos from Shelter for the Scarred gone?
The link is no good now.