Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Desert Thug Confessions

Desert Thugs leave their mark by tagging rocks and crashing Burning Man parties. As you can see, they're reckless & outta control.
Dear BadRap - This voluptuous redhead is Princess Calico, AKA The Licko, who at 12 years old decided to try quad riding (carefully!) She just returned from beating up the neighbors with her evil tail. Her accomplice is my husband, an aerospace engineer. I am an R.N. and we have two (mostly) grown thugly sons, one who is working on becoming a police officer and the other who is attending college to pursue youth ministry. We are truly a shady bunch! We live in So. Cal. but this picture is taken at our place in northern NV. Calico's other interests include hanging out with her Chow mix bro Hoover, power napping, playing with her favorite dog homies, and of course eating!
We've had and loved several pits and pit mixes over the years and always come back for more! - Pat Swain

Are you a thug?


Anonymous said...

Wow! That thug is packing some serious heat under that argyle sweater!

Donna said...

Definitely some serious gang colors in that argyle.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, don't get Freckles' and me started on our distaste for PETA.

Also, as a Humane Society Rescue, Freckles is quite a thug himself.

kimmycat13 said...

This made me giggle, on a VERY frustrating animal shelter day. Thanks for that

Kirsten said...

Well, I for one find argyle very intimidating.

(... What a sweetie!)

Anonymous said...

The sweater with the pink collar are tell-tale signs of a vicious dog in disquise. A thugly family, indeed! I sure don't want to meet up with any of this bunch in a dark alley, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I own a sweater set with that same argyle! I wonder what gang affiliation this could be? Well, I'm proud to be in the same affiliation as Calico.

IndiGirl(my pibble) approves.