Thursday, July 03, 2008

Update on V-dogs in other places

The V-boys that lived at the Hanover shelter (Uba, Hector) have kept us talking, but now it's the girls' turn. We have both happy and heartbreaking news to share. First the sad.....

Hanover #43 otherwise known as Aretha - a warm-eyed black female, absorbed by the Georgia SPCA - died after being hit by a car outside of her foster home. Her foster dad was apparently very bonded with her and is understandably distraught. We send our condolences and our thanks to all the people who loved her and helped her enjoy her post-rescue life. Party on in pit bull heaven, Sweet Aretha.

Aretha was photographed by Nicole Rattay during her 6 week stay in VA.

We think a lot about all the dogs that we put our paws on back in Virginia. This little prick-eared girl - known as Hanover #31 - had us worried for awhile there when her life in a vet's office became longer than temporary. So we were thrilled to get this video along with a note from her new home-sweet-home. Damn, it feels good to see these guys living a real dog's life. Big kudos to Sharon Cornett of Richmond Animal League for your tenacity with Hope's placement (since renamed 'Jhumpa'), and to Kathleen and her crew. You so made our month with this update.

Check out this little family --- Now THAT's a pack!

And if you want another good dose of the Good Life for Kathleen's pack, check out this video... Pure BLISS


Anonymous said...

Kathleen better be careful, people may accuse her of feeding her dogs prozac :)

I wish my dogs would wait that calmly for treats. They're good, but not nearly THAT patient. So much for those "dog fighting" genes...

zargar said...

Adorable. I especially love the mug (ha!).

Anonymous said...

Kathleen is definitely a THUG.

Rest in Peace, sweet Aretha. You were loved and will be missed.

Donna said...

>Kathleen is definitely a THUG.

Fer sure.

And I think the CAT is the biggest Thug of ALL .... Rock on with your indifferent self, Mr. Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who can't seem to view the new You Tube videos that are posted on the Bad rap blog site?? "This video is no longer available for viewing." keeps coming up when I try to. What's up?

Donna said...

Hey anon -- You might need to download software or switch browsers to see them. I can't see them in Internet Explorer for example, because I don't have Flash downloaded in that program.

Safari works on my end tho' - so does Firefox.

If nothing works, double click on the video screen and this should open you right up to each vid's Youtube page.

I hope it works for you. Thanks for trying!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, the rolling in the grass! Hilarious. *What* is in that grass?? It must be something reeeeally good.