Monday, July 07, 2008

All Hail Pete

How much do we love Youtube? It's full of old timey silent movies like this one called Dog Heaven, starring Our Gang's Pete the Pup back in 1927. Lots of dog-action and a couple of other bulls in there too, including a handsome amstaff with a nice crop who saves Pete. Love the scene with the hose!

The adult themes in these old flicks are always a little shocking, especially the hanging scene. Let's just tell ourselves he was strapped in by a harness. Fill up yer mug and take that longer break you've been needing. This is good stuff. ... Part 2 and ....Part 3


Boris said...

Teach me to get up 15 minutes early and read the blog, that time is gone.

Just make sure you don't miss the Part 3/3. "Life like stories" in pulling up the shrub were captured in these films. While most people have more of the friends in Part 2, mine are more like 3 "... I'll help you with the rope."

Kind of all comes together and makes sense now. Why Tim doesn't get out fishin' anymore, why there are so many girls in people heav'n, and why affluence means havin' the money to buy your dog a fancy collar (and where Paco got collar designs).

I like the tribute to Pete found in:

Boris' OEL

Unknown said...

Nice! I had forgotten what a brilliant actor Petey was. Thx for the memories.

Alexandra Amaya said...

Thanks Donna! We can all count on Petey to make us laugh and remember the good times. I am really loving every blog posting!

Anonymous said...

It always happens, just when you try and screw off, someone interupts you with work. It took all week to watch the three parts.

Thanks for posting these. They keep me smiling.

Angela said...

That was too adorable for words! I love the part with the drunkard dogs especially. Pete has such good taste in dog collars too!

I couldn't get the last one to work! I hope it has a happy ending :)

Thanks for posting this :)