Saturday, July 05, 2008

Chin UP! Pledge some sugar to Oakland's homeless dogs

The group is in a nervous/excited state, getting ready for a big BIG change. Which provides ample excuses to procrastinate housework in the name of finding head space for -- ack! Big Change. Readers may have noticed that we're almost out of dogs right now (Yay). That was by design ... As our foster dogs were adopted, we all took a brief break to gear up for the Ambassadog Project at Oakland Animal Services. This in-shelter adoption/education project is a reincarnated, re-named version of our much loved, recently completed, Pit Bull Hall project. Then located within the privately run East Bay SPCA, it will now live inside Oakland's city shelter.

Dozens of our dogs rotated through Pit Bull Hall over three years, and we had a blast. But we felt it was time to move this focus to a public shelter, where challenges are bigger and definitely more numerous. I guess we're like pit bulls in that we get squirrely if we don't have a new goal in front of us. That, and we love the staff at OAS. They're good people and as motivated to help Oaktown's animals as you'll ever find.

Now, Chin Ups
To help us get ready for the Big Move-In, pit bull junkies Elizabeth Kennedy (also a dog handler with BR) and gal-pal Monica are working to raise bucks for items that will help Ambassadog Project dogs enjoy their kennel-time at the shelter. To do that, they've taken on the name TEAM PIIBBLE for a triathlon competition and they'd love your pledges. And these ladies are motivated, lemme tellya. Just look at that inspiring chin up session on their link. Whoa!

Our first hope is to use the funds to buy up a ready supply of sturdy toys, tug-ropes and ample kongs for a never-ending kong stuffing party at the shelter. And when we really get rolling, we picture agility equipment: Our very own tunnel! An A-Frame! Maybe even the weight-pull equipment we've been threatening to buy. Oh Holy Pit Bull Christmas!

Watch here and on the TEAM PIIBBLE site as Elizabeth updates us on her training adventures. Thanks for helping out!

Kind Generous People

Speaking of helping out, recent gifts from these donors are going to make it easier for us extend our work to another struggling city. We're currently targeting under-resourced Vallejo as a home for a Shots Fair and regular Pit Ed training classes. Big thanks to Silicon Valley Community Foundation of Mountain View, CA and Triangle Community Foundation of Durham, NC. Bless you! We couldn't get off the floor without people like you.

And finally, thanks to Amanda Schaefer. She manages a 7-11 in Grand Ledge MI and held a car wash so she could send a donation to the dogs of BR. You so rock, Amanda!

I also want to thank Gina Spadafori at the Pet Connection Blog. for one of the biggest soul-food boosts we've received since the feds said we could come get the Vick dogs. Her vote of confidence and praise for BR's programs propped all of us right up. Thanks again, Gina.


Boris said...

Missing PBH,
Excited about and good luck with your new mission at OAS. Hope the folks at EB-SPCA keep the dreams of the Hall alive with their volunteers that seemed to be catching on (even if they did sneak us hotdogs).

Ambassadog Support - Team Pibble,
<...inspiring chin up session on their link. Whoa!>
that session looked as tough as my OEL's and mine (do one playbow and a couple sit-lay push-ups then get a cookie).
Now for the final training video we need to see "one-arm chin-ups while sipping wine with the other".
You did get us to your site and with those T-shirt with Alumi on the back like me. A couple should be on their way to Tx.
Wish I could be there to cheer the team on, Go PIIBLEES!
Future Ambassadog & Team PIBBLE Cheerleader in Tx, Boris

Anonymous said...

In honor of Boris, and all the wonderful no-we're-not-just-Vick-dogs-we're-ourselves-dogs, a pledge has been made for Tem Pibble. Go, Team!
Miss AriMarie the PitMix in Seaside, Ca.