Friday, July 11, 2008

Positive Vibes & Good Ink

This shelter girl is thugging out so bad that the house is shaking.
Check it:
I manage the Butte Humane Society in Chico and I went to your conference last September for pit bulls .... I just wanted you to know how much of a difference you have made in the way people see pit bulls. I was very used to hearing on a very regular basis "why don't you just put down all the pits, they're aggressive anyway," etc. We would find good families for out pits, but it would usually take a lot of time before nice people came in seeking a pitbull. (and thugs didn't come in looking! Silly PETA.)

Since the vick dogs we have had families coming in to look at pits, our adoptions are up, and I NEVER hear people on their soapbox about pit bulls. Being a pit bull is no longer a guarantee of being around for six months. Now people are asking questions instead of assuming!

People have mentioned the vick dogs, and seeing jonny on rachel ray. People are finally seeing pitbulls as dogs, not monsters. I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done.

I even got a tattoo of Jonny (Justice) on my arm. He represents the beginning of the acceptance of pitbulls and the understanding that every dog deserves a chance.

Kim Thompson

Oh Yeah. Now THAT's a girl who wears her heart on her ... arm. Thank you for the huge smile, Kim.

A peek at the Butte Humane website shows a good number of happy dogs, including some very handsome pit bulls.
This pretty girl is named Sydney and she's representing BHS's Shining Star program, designed to highlight the shelter's best breed ambassadors. What a beauty. If you're looking to adopt and are anywhere near Chico, please go give these dogs some love.

Have a great weekend. Remember to slather sunscreen on your dogs AND your tats.


Anonymous said...

Ack! When spell checkers fail to attack! :)

A peek at the Butt Humane website

It is so heartening to see shelters tackling the so-called pit bull problem by embracing them as individual dogs!

Jonny Justice said...

Kim, I Love You !!!


Boris said...

Kim, You go girl!!!
What APBT spirit and drive, it can be contageous and infectious (only takes one big pibble lick). I hope it is flying out the doors of BHS and into your Chico 'hood.

And that WEBSITE is precious, with some scarry BYB's (More than one "Shining Stars"
Don't miss Slavador "...goofy in a lot of ways" - Josey-Cat you need a brother!
'Untame your Heart' for Mia -- Tell your jogging-gym-freak neighbors about that beautiful girl!)
Wishing you fewer strays and quicker adoptions.

Yea Donna,
Now, there are a whole new set of priorties in our house. Heck with training Boris. I have to get a personal trainer for Patty! She now wants a tat' of Boris and she'll need 2x the 'guns' to fit that head on her arm.

The world has gone concentrate. So, even if they are on soapboxes, they are real small. Kim is giving credit where credit is due. Your BadRap Blogg is July HOT! -- I hope half the world on vacation catch-up on it upon their return.

Keep 'em coming, we'll be check backed,

Boris' OEL

Anonymous said...

Tip, tip,..tipping...Thanks Vick.. for being our beloved breed's Tipping Point.

kimmycat13 said...

Thank you for putting our sweet sydney on here! Jonny has healed well and gets a lot of compliments. Everyone is always excited to hear that the vick dogs are being placed. He's a great conversation starter!

Tim said...

Oops - ! thanks for the butt check rinalia!

Angela said...

Love the tattoo! I always wanted to design a pit bull tattoo for someone! I haven't had a chance to yet but I hope I can soon. I LOVE that tattoo of Johnny Justice - he really is an inspiration ;D

Caveat said...

Great entry in the thug contest.

And you guys deserve a lot of praise and treats for all you do to help put 'pit bulls' back in the place they deserve in our hearts and homes.

Here in Ontaristan, we go to the Court of Appeals in September.

We aren't so good at getting attention as you guys and our group isn't focused on rehoming (although many of our members are) but we are fighting the ban hard our way, through the courts. We are hoping to set a good precedent which will help everybody else.

Congrats on a very good year and keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Kim, this is so cool! Just wanted to invite you (and anyone else who's gotten inked for animals!) to send your pic and story to the contest currently going on at Animal Sheltering magazine -- check it out here.

Thanks for your great work for bully dogs.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for helping highlight the dedicated efforts of Kim and the staff at BHS to counter the negativity surrounding pit bulls. The BHS website has been visited by 3X as many viewers from your site than any other site (except search engines) since the blog was posted! We are so grateful for your continued help and support in becoming a strong advocate and educational resource about this breed. Look for photos from our upcoming Pit Bull Picnic on September 6 (you're all invited!)