Monday, June 02, 2008

Thug Alert!

PETA, take note:
True confessions from pit bull owner Thug Shanda

I'm a thug. Yo! 30 year old woman, BA in English, going on to grad school for literature or law school. I drive a fuel-efficient car. I vote. I raise litters of orphan kittens with the help of my vicious and abused dogs, and on weekends we eat innocent babies and maul Puggles. They have aggressively taken over the house and forced me to buy each of them their own two dog beds (one for each side of the house), raised feeders, custom Paco collars and leads, good food, a water fountain, and hordes of toys. Oh, and I torture them with dog clothes on the rare occasions it gets cold, since I know their naturally plush and insulating bulldog coats are sufficient to keep them warm and that a sweater is just cruel.

Thug dog Ruadh running from the police.

Ruadh and his thug friends had a birthday party for two bottle-raised pups' 1st year. (PeTA won't invite us to the dog parties, so we throw our own!)

Great, I mean, great bloodbath. (This photo was also in the blood-spattered pages of that fighting dog rag, Bark Magazine.)

Very recently adopted thug dog Frodo. I would have left him outside on a logging chain, but the weather was just too nice so I brought him into the stagnant AC to suffer. Anyway, he's so thug, he breaks chains, which is why he's wearing the cutesy collar.

O the horror.


Alexandra Amaya said...

I really love the sarcastic humor on the BR blog these days. It just goes to show how ridiculous PeTA is in their thinking and justifications. Keep it up!

Angela said...

"Thug dog Ruadh running from the police." Ok now that made me really laugh :D

Love the birthday party photo too, what an expression!

Seriously though, I think if people would take the time to go to a pit bull related show or event, they would really be surprised at who shows up. The one I went to had a wonderful mix of intelligent, friendly, and decidedly non-thuggish individuals (mostly women) who were highly educated about dogs.

Liz @ The Shrinking Owl said...

Oh man, I love this post so much.

Ladybug1580 said...

I always read this blog but never comment. These series of Thug-Pit-Owners is excellent and I had to let you know. Please keep them coming they really make me laugh and smile.

pamipoo said...

Hold me I'm scared ;)

Anonymous said...

Too fabulous for words!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I think Frodo is going to attack (with kisses). I'm very intimidated.

Anonymous said...

Wow, as a manager of an animal shelter that loves and adopts out pitbulls I can say "thugs" don't come in for dogs very often. If they want a tough dog they don't usually go for the neutered, microchipped, and wiggly butt types. One of my favorite pitbull adopters is an elderly woman! We sent out a newsletter addressing our new pitbull shining star program and got great response from tons of supporters. I wouldn't consider people sending money to the humane soc. thugs...

Well I guess I'll have to tell my co-worker that rescued a senior pitbull that she is now a thug haha

Anonymous said...

I just love that pic of Thug dog Ruadh running from the police.

What's the real story behind that shot?

Anonymous said...

This is great. Lov'n it!

Kirsten said...

I'm totally enamored of thug dog Ruadh running from the police, too. So gleeful! I mean vicious.
These thug posts are sweet!

Anonymous said...

Ruadh was chasing his bumper that was being thrown for him by his friend Jeff, a local sheriff's deputy. This pic was taken on the lawn of the county courthouse. :)

Anonymous said...

Those lowlife owners are a threat to public safety.

A BIG threat.

'Pit Bull' owners I know here in Ontario, off the top of my head:

CEO of a steel company
CEO of a major investment firm
Veterinarians (several)
Self-employed hairdresser
Dog trainers (several)
Agility and Flyball nuts
Small business people (several)
Director of Cardiology for Toronto's hospital network
Computer programmer
Nurses (3)
Retail clerk
Town clerk
Government staff (4)
Self-employed plumber

That's enough, there're more of course but you get the idea.

Ingrid's sell-by date was passed about 15 years ago. Now, if media would only clue in...

Keep it up, BR!

Anonymous said...

I know this post is old, but when I need a good laugh I go back to it. The captions on the pics absolutely crack me up, especially the one of "Thug dog Ruah running from the police!" I practically shot coffee out of my nose the first time I read it!

Thanks BR! You rock!

BTW - Queen Ingrid uses insulin ---animal-based product -- I'd like to know who she would explain THAT little hypocrisy.