Friday, May 30, 2008

Introducing, Joker

Blessed brindle beast. Gangsta of Love (aka Thug Dog).


Boris said...

What a sweetheart thug! Moreover a tribute for MK along with a big thank you roll-over for LH who can see her contibution give this wonderful termpement dog a second chance!

Joker, I bet that whimp act works with all the girls to get you attention, hugs and kisses.

You're vid' shows off off those beautiful brindle britches. And ya really got to love your peaches.

Donna, Your getting great with your vid editting! Let's see more zoomy and shaking the tree vid's from Joker.

Boris oel

pamipoo said...

What a ferocious pitty baby! I am especially terrified of the roll on my back show you my tummy fighting style!I hope some wonderful warm-hearted thug snatches up this one!I recommend tickling naughty pitties toes it tends to drive them crazy!

Anonymous said...

yeah, Joker is cute, but who's that awesome red girl?
Imagine holding a sit while that silly boy paws and crashes into her!

What's her story.. and is she available??


Anonymous said...

Aaawwww....I completely and totally "heart" those those brindle beasties!

Whenever I have my hair hi-lighted, I bring along a picture of my favorite brindle pup, and tell my hairdresser to "make my hair look just like this...complete with chevrons and everything" Yup...I think brindles are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

OMG, you guys just ROCK!!!! What a great clip. I am at the Lee County Animal Shelter in Ft Myers, Florida every day at lunch to hand out treats to the dogs and my husband and I volunteer on Saturdays to walk the dogs and clean the kennels. We see sooo many pit bulls come in, but luckily the "decision maker" there has a big heart for these dogs and many of them make it out to be adopted. Thanks for your great work