Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Signs, Signs - Everywhere a Sign!

We just came out of Dog Bite Prevention Week, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the news. Kids are getting bit up all over the place. Clearly, families are ignoring the signs. Or maybe the signs read as jibberish?
Family dog with bite history mauls kids in Fremont
Family dog bites again Great quotes from Karen Delise, btw.

Marcie has good bite prevention info on

In the meantime, Let's hear it for Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign...


Anonymous said...

That second article is unusually well done. How refreshing to have a reporter get to the heart of the matter. Must be a dog savvy person.

Donna said...

Karen is the author of 'Fatal Dog Attacks' and 'The Pit Bull Placebo' -- both great books. And yes! she is one dog savvy lady. We all learn something new every time she has something to say!